August 30, 2021

2021/5 - Be happy, sis

Salam & hai.
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan.

Hari ni scroll album fb. Baru perasan semua album degree. Asasi satu pun takde. Dulu banyak sangat simpan gambar masa asasi, tapi sebab laptop lama rosak, habis hilang semua tak sempat backup :(

Hahaha anyways. Scroll group kuliah sekali. i baru tau i exco kerohanian masa asasi wow. Ingat jadi badar dekat sekolah je tak ingat pulak asasi pun ada every week remind usrah session tau. Persoalannya, mana pegi kerohanian saya sekarang haha. In sha Allah, the goal is to be better. Setiap hari doa nak jadi lebih baik hihihuhu.

Cakap pasal asasi, i miss everyone. i miss all the moments we had together. Asasi was fun. i rasa free. i rasa happy. Walaupun zaman asasi hurt me the most haha but i enjoy dengan kawan kawan lain. And cakap pasal asasi jugak, ofcourse i akan ingat this one particular person. Always and forever la kot i akan ingat. A good friend of mine suatu masa dulu. That one person i was supposed to be able to count on for anything. The one that always look out for me but the next thing i knew, we were growing further and further and further apart. From being inseperable to complete strangers. Even though we are no longer friend, i could never hate you. i have tried. i thought it would be easier. i was hurt but you were once my bestest buddy so i couldn't bring myself to do it. i hope you still think of me on occasion kehkeh.

No worries. i dah completely move on dah. Cuma after scroll fb tiba teringat. i guess that's life. Nothing is constant and no one owes you anything. Dulu, i selalu scroll through photos of us. i see old conversations dekat facebook/twitter and laugh. Whenever i see something that reminds me of you seperti kucingggggg or an inside joke, i almost send it to you. But after yearssss, the sadness and hurt are fading. This was a friendship i don't want to lose until i have been hurt too many times and need to let go for my own sanity and protection. Was it hard? Yes. but not as hard as holding on to someone. i was devastated for few years wallahi my close friend will testify haha. Looking back now, it's funny!

Banyak benda dah jadi and life has changed drastically. We drifted. Life went on. i hope you're happy because i really make du'a for you. Know that i cherish the memories we made. Sentimental people like me tend to hold on to memories because memories don't change even if people do. Years have passed and i ada new bestfriends that i couldn't be happier with because they built me up. They made me believe on friendship that goes all the way into senior citizens can exist. The friends that will be here for more of my big life moments. i used to think that it would last that long with you too hihi tapi takpelah. 

Thankyou, for showing me that people come into our lives for a reason and they may not always stay. The lessons learnt are a blessing, anyway. i tak attach to people sangat now. That's the boundary i've drawn for myself. Thankyou, for being the best friend i needed during that part of my life. Honestly, i didn't think i would write another post about you dah sebab all the time has passed and the last time pun on 2018 kot i mention. i dah tak bitter because we're adults now and benda ni macam a distant memory je. I am grateful for you. I am grateful for our temporary friendship. After all, you really brought joy and growth in my life. I grew as a person hihi.

Be happy sis. Always!

Lots of Love,

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