October 27, 2020

2020/9 - Dear self, Happy 25th.

 Salam & hai.

Hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah.

I am writing this post pukul 1.18am pagi 27th October 2020. My 25th birthday. i've been crying the whole day since they announced CMCO sambung for selangor sampai sakit kepala and now i cannot sleep. cengeng betul. but to be honest, sedih. sedih sangat. patutnya i balik rumah today after kerja and celebrate my birthday with my loved ones. The past few weeks tough sangat for me. i dont think i can handle any CMCO effect on me. Last March dah cukup disaster dah. all those schewpid clown, i seriously have no idea how diorang boleh hidup tanpa rasa serba salah dekat rakyat yang struggle.

Anyways, happy 25th birthday my dearself. five more years untuk sampai thirty. looks like you gotta celebrate your birthday all alone this year. i seriously dah takde rasa apa dah, my heart hurts sooo much. The weight on my chest somehow feels a little heavier to carry but life must goes on kan. esok i masuk office. cancel all cuti i dah apply for the second freaking time sebab all those clown yang tak habis menyusahkan rakyat.

As i step into another year of my life, i make du'a to be a better muslim in all aspects of my life. i nak live my life to the fullest with faith and His blessings. Gotta do what i need to do. Nak lebih open on oppurtunity and open up my heart more. i have a good circle now. Just the right amount of people whom i trust and love, that always have my back. be kind always Syaimaa and never take life for granted. Be the one who puts a smile on others and guard those who love you most. Most important things, continue to grow and be gentle with yourself. Take care of yourself coz no one will do it better for you.

Moga Syaimaa menjadi anak solehah umi ayah, kakak yang tak berkira, kawan yang sentiasa menyenangkan dan dipertemukan jodoh yang terbaik untuk agama dan kehidupannya dunia akhirat. in sha Allah. Please make du'a for me everyone. may all the good du'as back to you guys jugak in sha Allah thankyou :)

Be happy, always, Syaimaa.

Gonna go rest my 25-year-old sleepy self now. Esok kerja lol.

p/s: Please make du'a to my parents. Because of them, i am who i am today biiznillah.

(Please stay safe everyone!)

Lots of Love,


Nurulatika Yunus said...

Happy birthday Syema's ..
Semoga dipermudahkan urusan, diberkati umur & rezeki..
I pray for you semoga diberikan ketenangan hati & dimakbulkan doa yg dihajatkan :)
Stay strong and patience.

syemasaid said...

Awww thankyou awak! Allahumma ameen may all the good du'as back to you jugak in sha Allah :)