September 9, 2020

2020/7 - Nani

Salam & hai!
Hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah.

Last 2 weeks, my childhood buddy got married alhamdulillah. Such a beautiful wedding, beautiful bride & groom. Eh semua lah beautiful haha. To be honest, i feel so grown up seeing this one getting married lol. Maybe sebab i was there since the very beginning walaupun tak lah selalu contact pun. Since sekolah rendah up to sekolah menengah, uni days and now working phase. 18 years punya friendship fuh. It feels like we've been speaking about this day since forever haha. When we first met, never that we know we would spend the next 18 years (and more in sha Allah) navigating all the ups and downs in our lives together. We didn't know we will come to a point discussing about each other wedding preparation haha (at this rate, wedding dia la mine and ummi soon in sha Allah hihi).

But over the years, despite the miles, sorang dekat Kuantan, sorang dekat Shah Alam and sorang dekat Titiwangsa, we have laughed so hard, we have cried together, we have celebrated our successes and mourned our failures together. We have been each other support system apa apa je terus amuk kat whatsapp lol. i thought we are still young untuk ke phase macam ni, starting families of our own haha clearly not! since we are approaching thirty in 5 years.

So that day, standing there with you, watching you marry Qib, fills me with so much joy alhamdulillah. With Qib, i know he will make you happy and take care of you for the rest of your life. i had never had to worry about him, tapi aku risau kau ni haha. Eventhough i wish we could go back to the days where kita banyak main je instead fikir pasal nak jadi dewasa ni, i am sooo happy you've found your soulmate. To Qib, you have won over my girl's heart. i hope you will support and love her till forever and please know i am not going anywhere. Oh and please know she has some gangsta girls who are going to back her up anytime, anywhere.

Nani, while i will miss our single days, i am so happy for you. so much. Semoga menjadi isteri yang solehah dan membentuk keluarga sakinah. Onti Imah tunggu you two punya junior okieeee!

Till then, love you!

Lots of Love,

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