February 28, 2020

2020/3-Self Love v/s Selfish

Salam & hai.
Hoping everyone in the best of health and iman in sha Allah.

Hai saya kembali! hehe. Wow in 2 weeks i sempat squeeeeze post another entri ni macam gempak jap lol. Oh btw, i still dekat shah alam and belum ada ura ura nak pindah Melaka sis iz sad. in sha Allah sooon doakan! i okay je kat sini. i seronok, i dah selesa tapi tulah, bila anything emergency jadi, for example hari tu my car dua kali broke down in a weeeek, i terus stress. macam trauma jap. ughhh but alhamdulillah ramai stranger yang baik baik tolong i. Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah.

You see, this year i twenty five tau. The older i get, the more i understand what it means to walk that fine line between selfish and selfless. i realize being humble and thinking about others more than myself, is not right. Wow, that sounds soooo wrong before ni haha. i need to prioritize myself. i enchanted those words every day lol. In fact, we all have tooooo sbb everyone else is doing the same.

The people i spend the most time with will always hear me says things like "okay boleh, follow je" or "tak susahkan boleh jee". My friends reading this right now are rolling their eyes coz it's true and lately i found this trait to be constantly annoying. But, to be honest, this phrases spill from my lips unconciously. Macam dah di script tau.i dont even think about other options lepas dah decide baru rasa macam apalah kau buat ni Syaimaa haha. Until at one point, as i have forever put the needs of others ahead of my own, i jadi takut. i takut it's how i will always be. i started to realize yang this kind of traits is not good. People tend to take advantage on me and for that, this habit needs to stop, immediately! Okay maybe immediately cam over kan, so slowly la hehe.

But of course i taknak lah 100% jadi self centered pulak. Common sense will tell me when i'll have to put others first. i'll need to start compromise either in relationship or friendship. Well at least i can put myself on hold to tolerate with someone i care about. Not saying kita kena start jadi selfish for the whole time, cuma put some limit supaya your emotion and physical pun healthy and happy je.

All is good. Alhamdulillah. Makin sayang diri sendiri, makin sayang perasaan sendiri dari orang lain. See you guys lagi nanti! hihi. Hope you guys sayang diri sendiri banyak banyak jugak okie!

Thankyou for reading my rant. Saja share. hihi.

Lots of Love,


aimansalleh said...

Yess.. in certain condition, we need to be selfish just to make sure we're fine :)

syemasaid said...

indeed aiman :)

Muhammad Shahril said...

Hi. Aril singgah sini kejap. Hehehe