February 13, 2020

2020/2- Dees

Salam & hai.
Hoping everyone in the best of health and iman inshaAllah.

On 1st February 2020, one of my happy pills dah selamat jadi wife orang. Elyza's wedding. And so on that day, i was sitting behind her during akad, watching her marry the man of her dream, fills me with so much joy (and tears) haha lol. With so many weddings and engagements happening in my life right now, after going through two weddings of my close one, i realized i am a total crybaby at weddings haha. i was supposed to write this post before the wedding mcm Sajda punya dulu but you know...time constraint...k tipu sebab asyik bertangguh sebenarnya hihi.

Anyways, Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal, selamat dah sorang lagi.To my beautiful inside out happy pill, Dees, enjoy your days as someone's wife. Let your love for each other grows day by day and be the only thing that guides you two towards a beautiful family. You spend so much of your time dulu till now worrying about other people, ensuring they're happy, being there for them and now on your 25th birthday, it's all about you. Everyone in that room is there, celebrating you and him, to share this once in a lifetime moment with both of you. And now, your priority change and it means you have someone there to love and support you, to listen and hold you when life gets hard and paling penting, you will always be taken care of.

Oh, tahniah Aiman for won over the heart one of my girls. We share you with him knowing that he have married one of the cooooolest woman in the entire world. k over haha. May Aiman cherish you, the way we all have and may Aiman love you more than we all have. Thankyou Aiman for making our friend's fairytale she so much deserves jadi realiti.

1st February 2020, starts your forever with him. I am so excited to watch you grow into the kickass, wonderful (read:solehah) wife i know you'll be! Can't wait to see mini you hehe.

Thankyou for existing. Love you, Dees.

p/s: i am aware yg most of my friend tak tau pun i wrote about them on my blog. tapi i seronok sebab i buat since dulu. i tulis, i buat video, i simpan gambar. At least, if bukan sekarang, nanti when i am not around dah, i left something for them to keep remember and doa kan i banyak banyak banyak hehe. Thats how much i love my happy pills, yang paling banyak support i after my family, through my worst days.

Lots of Love,

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