January 1, 2020

2020/1-Hello 2020!!!!

Salam & hai.
Hoping everyone in the best of health and iman inshaAllah.

Awww i miss blogging so much :( i dont have time these days and my laptop pun not in a good condition hence why i dah lama gila tak update and the last time was like 2 months ago. So this year, marked my 10 years berblogging and this post adalah post i yang ke 100!!!!! *drum rolls* Alhamdulillah masih bertahan blog ni walaupun previous post banyak dah delete and i still menyesal sampai sekarang k lol. Macam biasa, i wanted to share my first post for 2020 ni with you guys and i ingat i tak sempat but hehe i sneak dekat office time rehat writing this. Dan macam biasa jugak, i can't even remember my last year punya resolution lol so this time i taknak buat any resolution dah. i nak follow the flow je...hopefully haha.

Nak recap balik 2019, i think, 2019 is one of toughest year for me. Tahun paling banyak mental breakdown kot haha. But i think the highlight of my 2019 adalah when i survived 1 year working dekat Shah Alam and i managed to share my rezeki with my parents, adikadik and families walaupun tak banyak but still alhamdulillah. So many good news received and vice versa. My loved ones got married, further study, dapat kerja, got enggaged and banyak lagi happy events. i lost some of my friends too. Al Fatihah.

Thankyou Allah for giving a really good year full with ups and downs. for me and my loved ones. Thankyou for the blessings and rezq You showered us this year. You kept us all healthy this year and paling penting, You still didn't test me by taking one of my important ones back to You yet and for that, i eternally grateful. i'm not ready for that :(

For 2020,
i'd like to have a happy and healthy life fill with Your love and blessing. nak move forward and explore more. Nak start travel in sha Allah and lets be realistic, as i nak masuk 25 next year, nak jumpa love of my life la pulak! May You guide me to whoever is best for me, and for all of you jugak hehe. if ada rezeki nak ada family, alhamdulillah, if not pun alhamdulillah i'll look for the good side. Not going to put any pressure on myself. 

For my family and friends, these people make me want to be a better muslim day by day, so please give whatever good for them. Grant them happiness, grant them the best that life can offer and paling paling penting! grant us a huge mansion in Jannah, side by side :') Please guide us all to embrace Islam as a whole so we'll get our happy ending in Your Jannah nanti.

i'm so ready for 2020.

Ahlan Wasahlan 2020.
Its a new chapter, so let it be a good one :)

Lots of Love,


Lya Amie said...

Susah nak follow resolution sebenarnya tapi Lya tetiap tahun tah lah kenapa tetap semangat nak buat dan tetiap tahun juga tak dapat capai hehe. Happy New Year, semoga 2020 akan menjadi tahun yang lebih baik dari 2019!

syemasaid said...

Happy New Year Lya! Amij in sha Allah :D