October 31, 2019

2019/17 - Dear self, Happy 24th!

Salam & hai!
Hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan.

So today, i am 24 years old and 4 days. Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. Wow, 24 years old! This is how it feels to finally get there haha. Last year was lit. I was struggling with homesick and working life. On this day, one year ago, i just graduated. Look at me now, working phase dah almost one year dah in sha Allah this upcoming December. Time sure flies kan. I opened the doors to some new friendship and closed some doors on others. Met some talented people and spent more time with my family and those closest to me.

The truth is, i haven't got time to sit back and reflect on everything yang jadi for the past year haha lol. Look at me. i am twenty-four now wow still tak percaya haha. I am getting emotional ni ughhh. Thankyou for all the du'as and good words. I received tons of love from my family and friends alhamdulillah baik sangat semua orang doakan yang baik-baik untuk saya. May all the good dua's and words back to you guys and family too in sha Allah amin. Yang whatsapp, yang facetime nya lagi. Sedih, sebab happy sangat. i miss every single one of you sobs :( Thankyou for still remember me walaupun jarang sangat contact but still you guys punya effort to reach me on my birthday, i appreciate sangat sangat. i thank Allah swt for each of you. Thankyou for being kind and lovely. Paling penting, thankyou for existing.

i have been really tired and confused for the past month. So i decided to join these three masuk night of fright 7 dekat Sunway lagoon. Sumpah scary nak mampus. i don't know i yang penakut or that place memang scary lol but sumpah i jerit like for the whole session kot!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha. It was fun, but i taknak repeat dah. Well, this isn't my first dramatic escape pun what do i expect kan. These three buat i gelak for the whole time, how could this not make me feel better. How could i still stress when i was surrounded by love and endless support.

You see, the older i get, the more i understand what it means to live my life to the fullest. I am older and more realistic now. Right now, i'm trying my best to simply figure out who i really am and i yakin, after this phase, i'll go through beyond this yang lagi macam macam. But for now, it's all about me. At the very least, time will bring change to the extent that i probably become stronger. A version that will need less and less help from people and able to handle things, for the most part, by myself in sha Allah.

I am happy now and i kind of hope to feel this way for a majority of my years. Maybe one day, i'll fully move on to adulthood but until then, lets just enjoy this moment kan. If i could speak to my younger self, i would tell me, "we're all going to get through when we get through. It will always be okay. Trust His plans". It's in moment like this, that i feel so proud of myself sebab i'm practicing what i preach and i feel good about it. 24 is maturing me hehe.

Okla. i nak balik Melaka jap lagi hehe. tak sabar. Itu je. Saja nak update blog after one month senyap ni haha. Doakan yang baik baik untuk i. I doakan yang baik-baik untuk you guys too in sha Allah.

Moga Syaimaa menjadi anak solehah umi ayah, kakak yang tak berkira dengan adik-adik, kawan yang selalu ikhlas membantu, dipertemukan jodoh yang terbaik untuk dunia dan akhiratnya dan disayangi serta disenangi orang sekelilingnya. Amin Ya Rabb. Amin.

Happy 24th dearself ❤😭

Lots of Love,


Siti Yang Menaip said...

alhamdulillah.. Happy Birthday. have a blast year ahead..

Shazleen Sofea said...

happy birthday syaimaa.

lagi sebulan, birthday kita..
saje bagitahu.


Next year kita buat adventure baru pulak...
Aku rasa aku masih belum kahwin lagi next year, so boleh lah. hahaha

syemasaid said...

Thankyou Siti & Sofea 💗

Husein said...

Assalam sis, bole x cite detail sikit psl keje sis tu dr segi gaji n task
-adakah gaji die sama mcm gaji pegawai sains 41 kot (sbbkan kalau grad degree biomedic n keje ngn goverment akan dpt gaji di bawah pegawai sains kan)
-task die cmne, pas2 keje office hour ke?
N ape2. Lah yg berkaitan
P/s : tp kalau sis rasa ni semua confidential sokay xyah jwp n i'm soryy if that is your private life
But i just want to know better about biomedic career path
Thank you