July 17, 2019

2019/13 - Gems ❤

Salam & hai.
Hoping everyone in the best of health and iman in sha Allah.

I've known Aisyah, Ain and Atiqah for nearly plus minus 5-6 years now and throughout those years, they have given me so much love and kindness, soooo much to the extent that it's impossible for me to return back all the love and kindness sobs. The least thing i can do, to be there for them whenever they need me. This much i know is true, that Allah swt blessed the broken me 4 years ago that led me to these people. Allah is kind.

Last three weeks (trust me i start draft this post few days after met them tapi entah macam mana dah tertangguh sampai 3 weeks haha lol), alhamdulillah ada rezeki jumpa tiga-tiga. Sedih sebab happy dapat jumpa faham tak!!! Even untuk beberapa jam, it still worth it la balik kerja penat-penat gedebuk gedebak and dapat tahu update masing-masing pun seronok dah sebab susahnya nak tahu update masing-masing sekarang. As i am adulting now, no update from my friends dah acceptable sebab faham je everyone is busy. Hahaha not sure if faktor usia ke ehh jadi macam ni lol.

We've always talked about the day semua orang dah ada life sendiri and i thought i was prepared for it, but turns out i really wasn't. Someone i've gotten used to see every single day dulu and the one yg i looked forward to see every day. Not to mention the fact that these three antara yang paling i sayang haha sampaikan mention je lah nama diorang i dah gelabah dah ada apa2 jadi ke lol. I am so proud of you guys, beautiful soul inside out. May you guys always be blessed. 

Each one of you are going to do big things really soon and whatever you do, i'll be right there supporting you. Know this best friend, that every single du'as that i made will always include you guys. We have this plan, to be neighbours in Jannah in sha Allah. But at the moment, i am just gonna enjoy every single things in this dunya (yang penting in halal way hiks). When you love people Fillah, you just want good things for them, you make abundant of du'as for them and you happy bila that particular person happy. All the best semua. May Allah swt protect and guide us.

Time will pass so fast. Whether or not we still remained friends lepas ni, at least i ada memories of us hehe good memories that will put a smile on my face each time teringat.

Thankyou, for being kind and lovely *hugs*

Ok lah. Saja je nak post yang ni sebab growing up means more and more and more long distance bestfriendships and the saddest part is not knowing when is the next time i'll be seeing you guys in real life haha but nawwhh near or far, you guys will always have a special place in my heart.

p/s: i can't wait to write next post as i nak share this one thing yang i dah jadikan habit and masha Allah, seronok sangat my life right now! tapi itulah, susah betul nak keep up dengan blog ni sebab macam tak banyak masa free sangat sekarang :( eceeeceeewahhh.

Lots of love,


Siti Awadah said...

sis tumpang happy... x de masa nk update blog tu biasa.. takpe jgn lupa terus dh... nnti free2 leh tulis sikit2

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syemasaid said...

Hai sis! itulah haha trying my best to write more lepas ni hehe :D