May 12, 2019

2019/11 - Rest well Mad, Al Fatihah.

Salam & hai.
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan.

Last friday, my 24 year old friend, Muhamad, returned to Allah swt. 

I last jumpa dia when we went to visit him last April. It was so painful for us to see him like that and thinking how much more painful it must be for him to endure it, but subhanallah, tak pernah sekali pun dengar dia merungut sakit sepanjang melawat (cuma merungut tak dapat makan sedap due to his condition and dia kena pantang haha). This was not his first accident but masa melawat tu, he looked a bit better and that kind of gave us hope that one day he will get better and sihat macam biasa. Slowly but surely. Little that we know, Allah swt sayang dia and He decided to take Mad back to Him last friday.

But guys, Muhamad went away sooooo beautifully. The signs were so good. It was a friday and in the holy month of Ramadhan masha Allah. When he arrived to be buried at the cemetery, cuaca redup sangat. Tak panas. Tak hujan. He was surrounded by all who loved him. His brother sampai from Japan 7 pagi the next day to see him for the last time. His teacher, lecturers and friends from school and uni turun melawat. Ramai sangat. Sebab Mad baik sangat masa hayat dia, selalu tolong orang, selalu mudahkan urusan orang lain, semua orang sayang dia. i remember i told many people, kalau i tengah susah, tetiba kereta/motor rosak ke, the only kawan lelaki yang i percaya and i akan call is Mad. Sampai dia pernah cakap "apalah Syaimaa nak buat tanpa aku" haha. i believe most of my girlfriends pun akan cakap benda yang sama.

Sigh. Mad, up till this day pun, some of us still can't believe you're no longer with us but we are sooo happy your suffering has stopped. You're a good person to a lot of people, and for all the kindness you've shown to people, i pray Allah swt will reward you with the highest Jannah. I have never heard any single things yang tak baik about you and you selalu sabar when someone does you wrong. So know that you have left behind a good side of yours to each of us. I'm glad i pergi visit you last time, never that i know that will be the last time we laughed together. I'm glad diberi kesempatan to send you for the last time semalam mad. Aku tak sempat bawak kau jalan naik kereta as penumpang aku Mad macam yang kau selalu mintak, ralat sangat rasa. We shall meet again soon mad in sha Allah. Don't worry about your parents. Both of your brothers i believe akan jaga mereka baik-baik. Don't worry about Lia and Ain either because i believe they both kuat as they know you're in a good place now. Rest well, Mad. Pray for us in heaven. 

i hope you're among the righteous and being pampered by Allah swt, Mad. I hope you met your own "Mira Piljah" in Jannah nanti. You're missed every single day by so many people. Al Fatihah, Muhamad bin Mohamad Zakaria. i hope you guys will sedekah Al Fatihah for him too.

I documented moments with my loved ones in writing and videos and i suggest you guys to do the same with your loved ones because it's so nice to have memories. I don't want to lose that appreciation for good memories that will put a smile on my face. Whether or not the people in my photos/videos/writing are still around, whether or not we still remained friends, at least i know i was blessed enough to experience those memories together with them and i boleh throwback whenever i want.

I am soooo gonna record more videos and writes more of my loved ones after this.

Lots of Love,