January 30, 2019

2019/3 - 2 Month.

Salam & hai.
hoping everyone in the best of health and iman.

i've been thinking banyak kali to write about my 2 month experience in working life. 2 month wow. well not exactly 2 month la ada lagi few days but as i dah received my second gaji so kira 2 month je lahhh hahaha. I don't even know where to start. Funny. How can i survived this whole 2 month alone here in shah alam. I still homesick tapi tak teruk la like the first month tapi limit i sampai 2 weeks je tak balik, lepas tu dah resah lol. Anyways, the first month was tough. I cried every single day before pergi kerja, balik kerja, time rehat. Soooooo lembik 24 years old Syaimaa. i wanted to write this so that i can remember next time how i go through my first job hahaha.

First job can be scary. Depends la kalau pandai bawak diri, environment baik, officemate baik, itu kira advantage la for you. Everyone punya rezeki kan lain-lain. To mingle around into the company culture lagi satu hal. Lucky me, alhamdulillah, housemate baik, officemate pun baik. Enviroment office nice. Senior suka tolong. Kerja pun getting better each day. i dah boleh cope dengan workload kat sini and dah pandai nak bahagi masa. Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah sooooo soooo proud of myself. One of the things that i learned here after 2 month, everyone else is busy. It's not that they dont want to get to know you, tapi sebab they've been doing the same job for like few years and facing the same situation, so when they see new employee, all they want to do is to say hi and get back to work. Nak2 dekat sini, new employee keep bertukar as ramai sangat resign lagi la tak larat yang senior ni approach everytime employee baru masuk kan. So what you need to do, go approach them first. As for me i don't approach all of them sekaligus, there will come a time when i need to deal with my seniors personally, so i guna masa tu untuk introduce myself. Rajinkan diri tolong seniors. itu paling penting hahaha.

Alhamdulillah jugak, i met Anim. She was the first person i met masa baru masuk, yang tolong ajar basic things from A-z. Yang teman lunch, yang tolong claim, yang ajar macam-macam benda baru, orang pertama yang Syaimaa panggil bila syaimaa menggelabah kena jawab call dari member, the one yang help me sorting patient's punya claim, yang paling concern la senang cerita especially bila nampak aku balik lambat/keluar lunch lambat (sebab syaimaa kalau balik ke lunch ke pukul 6/12.30 sharp dah terpacak depan pintu office). May Allah swt rewards her all the best that life can offer, such a beautiful soul. Ohh she's getting married sooooon, maka tinggal lah syaimaa sorang yang masih single dalam office hahahahahaha lol. Tapi nice tau, coz everyone treat me macam adik-adik sangat and i feel loveeeeeeddddddd here hehe.

I'm trying to enjoy my days here. I don't even know until when i will continue working here, coz i'm planning nak kerja kat Melaka, but as for now, i just nak enjoy my life. My job can get boring at times (bila kerja dah setel or tunggu line yang lembap macam siput lol), tapi most of the time, relax and best je. i can snack on food all day. i can listen to music while doing my work, i oleh cuti sabtu ahad and public holiday sebab takde shift yeayyyyy and most of all, i'm in love working in my current team sebab semua baik ishhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm fine here, don't worry.
dah berani kelaur jalan-jalan jauh sikit. huhu. doakan saya baik-baik disini okay!

Alhamdulillah a'la kulli.
sooo proud of you, dearself!

Lotss of love,


Farah said...

Glad to read that someone out there is actually enjoy their working life. All the best! :)

Shakirah Rosli said...

All the best syema in your career life. hope you will always in a good health, inner and outer. <3 ameen.

syemasaid said...

Awww alhamdulillah, thankyou Farah! All the best to you too ❤

syemasaid said...

Eiiiii shakirah rindunyaaaa!!!!!! Jzkk, thankyou shakirah! may all the good du'as back to you and your famiy too in sha Allah❤😭😘