December 7, 2018

2018/15 - My First Job

Salam & Hai!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah ❤
This little girl gonna start her first job next week!
Last 3 weeks, i received a phone call for my very first job interview after i graduated from one of company in shah Alam. Fast forward, after one week, i went to shah Alam for the interview session and last week on thursday, i received a phone call saying that i pass the interview and was selected to join the team on this upcoming 10th December. Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. It was so sudden that i actually still can't believe nak kerja dah wowww. I started apply for job interview a few months before i graduated and i received few calls for interview (but i tak accept any interview on that time sebab ada komitmen lain). i applied through jobstreet, monster, indeed and many more you name it. i sent my resume to many private hospitals (but i haven't receive any feedback from them), i sent my resume to some pharmaceutical company too and some clinical laboratory. i also applied for some contract positions and latest, i applied for assistant researcher at this one institute in Serdang (i really hope boleh dapat yang ni doakan hehe).

Mungkin Allah swt dah tetapkan, everything was so smooth dari dapat interview up till nak cari rumah sewa ni. Semua yang datang during that range time, semua baik-baik bagi support, carikan rumah sewa, nak tumpangkan rumah. Alhamdulillah. I met the house owner last wednesday and she's so kind and i met one of my housemate too, pun baik jugak masha Allah. Isnin ni register. I nervous k. nak jumpa orang baru, environment baru. hopefully semuanya baik-baik. Doakan :) i made du'a, to work in healthcare line (i request for a position masa du'a), alhamdulillah. Allah makbulkan. i was accepted to work in healthcare line but bukan position yang i nak. Tapi takpe, need to du'a harder lepas ni. As for the time being, i will work hard and gain new experiences from here while waiting if there is other opportunity for me. He planned the best kan :D 

i remember the first person i told when i got the interview and when i was selected to work there was Atiqah. I told Iqma and Bella too untuk tanya pendapat ohh and Ummi yang tak putus bagi semangat. Thanks to these four for giving me some advices, tips and showing me the most sincere support i could ever ask for. Ofcoz i dah tanya my parents first sbb their restu is very important for me kan before i told others. i know this might sounds simple to certain people, but for me yang TAK PERNAH LIKE HAVING A REAL JOB/PART TIME JOB before ni, ini something yang besar in my life. Alhamdulillah.

So alhamdulillah, in 2018, i dapat my first baby nephew, Jaan! i dapat raya dengan my schoolmates and coursemates, i dapat grad on time during my birthday's month last October, i dapat kumpulkan all my siblings on my graduation day (walaupun ada yang tengah exam final on that time hehe) andddddddd i secured a job before 2018 over!!!!!!!!!!! Subhanallah, what did i do to get such blessings in my life. Thankyou ya Rabb, for giving me the best that life can offer.

So next on list,
hahaha ok, joking! (not really lol)

Doakan Syaimaa start kerja dengan baik, dapat galas tanggungjawab yang diberi dengan baik, disenangi orang lain, rajin tolong orang and paling penting, jadi HAMBA yang solehah in sha Allah amin. I'll update my working life soon. Wow time sure flies i talk about working life pulak sekarang phewwww. I'll pray that Allah swt ease everyone who still trying to find a job. Have faith on Him and good luck!

p/s : Gambar atas tu, me and my first teacher, cikgu Aisyah, Cikgu paling baik dan paling seorang Syaimaa sayang sampai sekarang. Last i met her when i was 15 and lepas tu dah lost contact. i hope i'll meet her back soon. Moga cikgu sihat selalu dan bahagia di samping keluarga tersayang :)

Lots of Love,

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