June 24, 2017

2017/14 - Eid Mubarak!

Salam & hai!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah ❤

Its already the last day of Ramadhan (29th Ramadhan) for this year masha Allah 😭😭 Ending Ramadhan & welcoming Eid Mubarak is...how to say this...awkward ke? HAHAHAHA. Dia macam, taknak habis puasa lagi yet still nak raya lol. i thought ramadhan this year bolehla nak perform sikit, hahaha masha Allah! but still Alhamdulillah, i rasa my Ramadhan this year better than last year. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.

i didn't take fully granted of this year's ramadhan. There were some nights i didn't wake up for Qiyam and go for terawikh. There were some days i didn't control my tongue properly and spend time doing useless things lol melaghaa banyakkk ni *tepuk dahi* Ohh, i feel bad to let myself slipping out from my writing routine too hahahaha but what to do, other important commitments banyakk sangat nak kena setel dengan finalnya lagi fuhh. Now that final dah over, i can start writing back hehehehe. i got a lot of things to share with you guys!!

1. Muslim Lectures Apps
On first day of Ramadhan, while scrolling twitter waiting for  berbuka lol hahaha i saw someone tweet Mufti Menk's lecture and out of curiosity (+ one of  Mufti Menk's fan hehe) i clicked on the link given and masha Allah, it was the best decision i had ever made in my entire life *tears rolled down* *drama queen is back lol* May Allah swt blessed those who created this apps πŸ˜­πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ All Mufti Menk's lectures are available here (ohh and Yasmin Mogahed tooooooooo) yg lain i tak sure sebab tak pernah search hehe. i'll put the link for Mufti Menk here and Yasmin Mogahed here okay! 

2. Facing FINAL
I spent two weeks for final at UPM as usual and thankyou Iqma and Bella sebab bagi kawan yang sorang ni menumpang kat bilik 😭😭 May Allah swt rewards you guys with happiness abundantly in this dunya and hereafter nanti in sha Allah. Bersahur bersama. Berbuka bersama (thankyou Bella bawa berbuka dekat Dataran, i'll keep the memories sampai tua hehe 😍). Berbazar bersama (thankyou Iqma partner rempit ke bazar merangkap partner bertekak dalam bilik merangkap penghibur hati ku cia ciaaπŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ€—). Berterawikh bersama (thankyou partner terawikh saya, Atiqah kerana menjadi partner setia sepanjang berterawikh 😘😍 walaupun ada ter miss satu hari and kekadang ada hari yang papernya pagi, but still gagah bersama turun terawikh despite the fact masing2 tak habis study lagi lol hahahahaha). Study sesama (thankyou zaty sebab selalu rajin and sabar melayan partner study dia ni yg pukul 12 dah sampai limit and start grumpy πŸ˜‚πŸ€£). Now, i miss these annoying people (+ Siti) SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT hehe.

3. Calm down, heart
A day before Advanced Immunology's paper, something happened and made me realized how important someone to me. My heart almost stopped when i saw that particular person on that time. i can't tell you guys what exactly yg jadi, but Allahu, i'm glad everything was fine Alhamdulillah. i swear i almost wanted to cry. k fine. i cried (ofcoz not in front of others lolπŸ’…). the incident kept on playing in my mind the whole day even bila nak tidur and end up, i demam lol. i demam becoz the day before, i didn't get enough sleep plus terkejut yg melampau lampau hari tu hahaha. This one person, i realize, is sooo important to me. not becoz of this incident je, tapi incedent before2 ni lagi. I am not sure why, but i gelabah melampau when anything jadi on her. i can't keep myself bertenang πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜”but ya Allah, thankyou. Thankyou for everything.

4. Final Year Project (FYP) & Internship 🏣
Alhamdulillah. i got a placement at Hospital Melaka for my internship this upcoming 3rd July hehe. For my fyp, i got Dr Fezah, one of lecturer i would like to work with yayyyy!! and guess what more?! berpartner lagi dengan Sophie hahaha. Sophie is my PA Mate and she is soooo funny i kennoootttt. i don't mention her enough in my blog and i really should in sha Allah! Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. Thankyou Allah! and thankyou for the du'as everyone πŸ’– i'm beyond happy at this moment. Allah really makes everything easy for me.

K la. ni dulu. Ramadhan is over guys. Alhamdulillah for another blessings month πŸ’– lets just hope that Ramadhan's baraqah and all the good deeds we got into habit of doing masa ramadhan ini akan berterusan till forever! i seek for apologize to every single soul i've accidentally hurt with my words and actions. Please forgive me for the sake of Him. I am neither perfect, nor good. i still learn to be a better muslimah each day πŸ’–πŸ’ž

Till we meet again next year, ya Ramadhan Kareem πŸŒ™
'Kullu Am Wa Antum Bikhair πŸŽ‰✨

Lots of love,


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