April 15, 2017

2017/11 - Back with these 3

Salam & hai!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah❤

With these 3, it is always like old times eventough sometimes it feels like a lot of things have changed, feels like we started to drift apart as other commitments get in our way, but they always there to stay. It must be hard for them to keep bersabar with me up till now hahahaha. So semalam, we planned a short trip to Aquaria, KLCC!! To be honest, i am not in my best conditon for the past three days. Demam batuk dan selsema as usual lol. But alhamdulillah, still boleh lagi prank orang ni rasa macam takde masalah sangat la hehe. 

So on the same time, we planned for Atiqah's 21st birthday (which supposed to be on this upcoming 24th April btw) and i gladly took up the role as the mastermind la kan. To be honest lagi, i love pranking people but i am the worst prank planner ever gaiszz lol. Last year, on her birthday jugak, i used some lame excuses to prank her but end up i screwed myself hahahaha hashtag LAMEEEEE! so i was extra careful this time around with the help of these two sweethearts (Aisyah & Ain) hehe and everything was on track gaizzzzzz!!!!!! until few days before the prank, i start demam *tears hair out* i stressed sangat sebab, i kalau demam lembik dia lain macam sangat 😭😭but Alhamdullilah, Allah ease everything! Thankyou Allah ❤😘 Despite the mini drama hehehe everything turned out great Alhamdulillah. i also sempat prepare card for her tapi kadnya HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sebab simpan dalam beg lol 😐but i still hoped it would be a card she would treasure sampai tua ❤ 

To Atiqah,
i hope you had a great birthday next week fill with His baraqah in sha Allah! i have watched you went through so much in these past three years and i will always pray for good things to come your way coz you have such a big heart and you deserve all the happiness in this world and hereafter nanti amin in sha Allah πŸ˜‰

Thankyou, for always make me smile most of the time. It is through you guys that i am reminded of Allah's kindness, giving me such good friends yang more like sisters. Bonding time sangat semalam, But its okay, i'll always keep you guys in my du'a in sha Allah coz you guys will always hold a special place in my heart. ALWAYS. For me to dedicate myself, my precious time and trust to people is not easyyyyy okayyyy hehe.


what i would not do, to keep you guys happy!
After all, we are PINK soul sisters!!! hehe ❤😘

Lots of Love,


  1. jemput singgah ke blog saya

  2. I am smiling while reading this. Would love to try to prank people, but I don't know how T__T



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