January 20, 2017

2017/4 - U.S.R.A.H

Salam & hai!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah :)

Ok. lets make this clear first! i AM NOT one of anti-usrah people ke apa but i am currently not into any usrah right now. And i tertarik nak diskusi about this topic becoz, yeahh saja nak share pendapat *flip tudung* hehehehe.

Usrah, for what i know & understand, is a tarbiyyah system, discussing about many things (focus on islam) including current issues. Usrah biasanya dibuat beramai-ramai (Jemaah) and lead by naqib/naqibah. Biasanya in any IPTA/IPTS, highschools (especially boarding school) mesti ada usrah.

For me, i dah didedahkan dengan usrah ni since 2008 when i was 13. At that time, i was in one of islamic school in Melaka so obviously kitorang kena pergi usrah ni every friday after classes. I dont really understand the concept of usrah itself. Yang i tau, pergi usrah, jumpa akak usrah, sembang-sembang sikit then balik. i dont really care input yang i dapat masa usrah, and takpernah ada rasa nak jadi naqibah pun (budak baru nak naik gaiszzz) on that time. Then, when i was 16, i moved to one of Sekolah Sains. Dekat sini, i was selected as one of Naqibah sekolah. Itu belum mengejutkan lagi. When i was 17, i was selected as one of majlis tertinggi Badar di sekolah. Ok. itu kelakar. Masa tu i rasa macam confident gila nak jadi naqibah becozz i pernah join usrah before ni *blow nails* without realizing yang i memang tak tau satu benda pun pasal tanggungjawab seorang naqibah. But, alhamdulillah, everything went well and it was a good, you know, memories for me. Being a naqibah, hahahahaha, macam macam experience i gained.

So basically, the concept of usrah is to accomplish a goal (Jannah) beramai ramai instead of doing it all alone. Bila kita dalam group, it is easier! why? becoz we have the support from others tooooo. Kita tengok orang lain baik, kita pun nak jadi baik. Kita tengok orang lain kejar Jannah, kita pun berlari lari sama kejar Jannah. We have the same goal masha Allah for God's sake! and the goal is to attain Allah's blessings kan :)

"Sembang pumpang pumpang, kau ada usrah ke?"

Wooooo deeeeeepppppp. Ok, frankly speaking, i'm not into any usrah right now. My last involvement with usrah was around 3-4 years ago when i was in foundation. Bila masuk degree, i tried to find usrah to join but i end up tinggalkan usrah. hahaha. adalah dalam 3-4 usrah i dah tinggalkan becoz i really dont like how they conduct the usrah with some being very judgemental towards people like me and ada yang jenis memaksa, asyik cerita pasal kahwin and couple blerghhhh. i seriously dont like that kind of usrah. usrah yang i datang sebab terpaksa. i nak pergi dengan rela hati, pergi tuntut ilmu dengan ikhlas. The one yang i join masa foundation tu memang 5 star. Akak usrah was so kinnnddddddd and i love my usrah-mate so much ❤ 

But you know, as human, i keep struggling with myself tau. So, i need this kind of theraphy (usrah) to feed my soul. hehehe. so, what i did? 

i always make time to listen/watch any islamic talks in youtube from Mufti Ismail Menk ke, Nouman Ali Khan ke, Yasmin Mogahed ke or many more. Oh yaa! i also tengok DOPS TV, you guys really need to subscribe that channel nowwwwww especially sisters hehehe. Queen of The Deen is my favourite showwww inspired by Mizz Ninaaaaaa ( i really love her). 

i love reading. I seriously love reading (before ada handphone hehe). And i have a lot of books including islamic books too. So, i spent my time to read all these books. I currently tengah baca "Reclaim Your Heart" by Yasmin Mogahed! You guys should grab one!! The content is soooooooo gooooooooddd masha Allah❤

3.Attending Islamic Conference and Ceramah Agama
Baru-baru ni, i went to Twins of Faith, one of the international islamic conference. It was so coolll. So many things i gained from all the speakers. And i also went to ceramah agama to gain more knowledge and most important thing, to feed my soul! 😍😘 and dekat UPM, banyak je event islamic held by colleges dekat UPM ni and if ada masa, i join jugak hehe.

4.Surround myself with good people
Alhamdulillah, i surround myself with lot of good people this year ❤ The one who remind me about life priorities to attain Jannah in sha Allah in afterlife nanti. The one who keep remind me to have hereafter in mind in whatever i do. fuhh Alhamdulillah thankyou Allah hehe.

From my own opinion, its ok, if you dont want to join any usrah (dont get me wrong, usrah is good  and i love usrah too) as you can still feed your soul with so many ways in sha Allah. If you have one, then, its good! Alhamdulillah. But please know that not everyone have same perception just like us. Usrah's content is good, very goodd i yakin! but wrong method of dakwah (memaksa, being judgemental etc etc) can cause many bad side effects especially to me yang still not so good in this kind of thing. hehehe, just saying no harm gaisszz!

Dah 22 tahun ni, my goal is to chase for akhirah pulak in sha Allah. (+ we're not going to be in this dunya forever kan hehe). Lets chase all the goodness and baraqah in this dunya!! Have faith & may Him ease everything in sha Allah!😘😁

Just to clarify again, i AM NOT anti-usrah!

Lots of Love,


  1. Kak ana pun duk tengah cari kelas usrah nie. Dah 2 tahun tak g kelas usrah. Rindu plak 😅

    1. kan Kak ana! lama tak berusrah rindu pulak rasa 😩

  2. Setuju dengan empat point awak, saya pun nak sangat jumpa geng usrah suatu hari nanti. Masa kat uitm dulu, cuba2 juga tapi topik asyik melingkar dekat kawin muda, nikah gantung, couple etc... rasa tak boleh go pula...

    1. sama la huhu ok je kalau sekali sekala cakap pasal that kind of things ni. tp ni everytimeeeeeeee nak cerita susah jugak la nak go huhu. in sha Allah, may Allah ease everything and may we find the right usrah soon! hehe ❤

  3. eh betullah.. ive faced in such situation whereby some usrah is really not my type.. i even had misjudged the akak usrah sebb macam pushy and suka judge org based on their appearnce as im not wearing purdah or long scarf like them(but still im wearing scarf and cover my chest)..as time goes, i started to realize that all human are not perfect.. i hope i can find the best usrah team in the future.. pray for me sobsob!
    follow here #469 :D

    1. common reason why orang tak minat nak berusrah kan. huhu. takpe, progress slowly, closer to Allah swt. may Allah swt ease your way and may we find the right usrah for us soon! in sha Allah hehe have faith MisDiarious!❤

  4. I went to boarding school and setiap hari Jumaat akan ada usrah lepas kelas. Masa tu rasa macam malas sangat nak pergi sebab rasa penat + lapar sangat lepas kelas. rasa berdosa pun ada hahahaha tapi kalau usrah lepas maghrib tu seronok lah

    1. i went to boarding school too and i am one of those yang incharge for usrah setiap hari jumaat lepas kelas tu hahaha and i feel you puteri! hehehe penat+lapar+MENGANTUKKKK sekali full set! hehe


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