January 15, 2017

2017/2 - "Kak Long"

Salam & hai!
hope all of you are in the best of health & imaan! currently enjoying my semester break hehehehehe 😛

so, tengah cuti ni, i decide to kemas my bilik (more to decorate sebenarnya). so if you guys follow me, you might come across one post i cerita pasal this fairy light things. If you're interested to find out more on how to get those awesome fairylightsssssszzz and how to make those polaroid photossss, you can just read back my previous post hereee. This one baru first part, i'll DIY the whole room by myself in sha Allah in progress hehehehehe. but, takbolehla nak share everything kan. in sha Allah, i'll make another post on how i DIY my room soon (if sempat hahaha) and i'm on my way to learn on how to..............cook hehehe. i'll share this one too soon ok! 😉😘

oh ya, to make it easy for you guys, i'll just put the link for polaroid here ok!

Ok back to the topic gaisszz! i am the eldest child in my family with three younger brothers and two younger sisters. They are the most awesome siblings i couldn't ask for 😘 I love them, to an endless extent tau but i really wish i had my own 'kaklong' hehehe (is it too much to ask for one?). My friends, ramai yang ada kakak & abang. i dont really care about abang coz i dont need one hahaha (i'll just get my very own 'abang' nanti one day in sha Allah if you know what i mean haha, k joke!) and everytime they talked about their elder sisters, i'll be like awwww seronoknya ada kakak!! you guys are lucky! 

Some of my friends said biasa biasa je ada kakak ni. Dont get me wrong, semua orang ada persepsi sendiri i know. so do i. i am an eldest sister gaissz dah 22 tahun dah pun. if you asked my siblings what is it like to have a 'kaklong', they probably akan cakap biasa biasa jugak hahahhahaha but trust me, they wont! 😏😏 i had the best time watching my babies (brothers&sisters) grow up and guide them as best as i could so they won't repeat my mistakes phewww. 

Being kaklong, can seem like such a burden at times tau. Yelah, its my responsibility to take care of my siblings. I have this aku-kaklong-so-aku-kena-jaga-bebudak-ni and aku-kaklong-so-semua-orang-kena-dengar-cakap-aku kind of feeling dulu hahaha masa kecik kecik. #Genganaksulung je faham this kind of feeling. I'm the oldest, so that obviously means i'm the best and always right kan hahaha!


To my dear Amat, Epul, Syewa, Adik & Maya❤

To start this off, I want you guys to know that I couldn't ask for any better partner in crime dalam dunia ni. Days and nights, I thanked Allah swt for letting you guys being part of my life (and you guys should be grateful for having me as your kaklong too 😛😛) There were those days, I yelled at you guys hahaha (up till now pun kekadang TER). Yes, sometimes, I can be so mean, I'm hard. Its for your own good future when you get out there in the real world, when umi, ayah and me not around dah, you guys won't be afraid of whatever comes your way in sha Allah 😘❤

Besides being my siblings, you guys are my bestfriend too (orang cakap, adik beradik kan bestfriend yekss hahaha) and i couldn't ask for anyone else walaupun perangai korang ni selalu sangat get on my nervesssszzzz, but that's your job and you do it so well gaisszzz tahniah -_- *clapp clapp* hahaha. Anyway, thankyou. Becoz of you guys. i learnt how to be a fighter, i took on the responsibility of protecting all of you (especially masa primary school luls. When i was 12 (darjah 6), 3 of them went to the same school as mine, darjah 5,3 and 1) i learnt how to put on a brave face to ketuk siapa yang kacau you guys. I learnt that the world is better when you guys, my family, smile 😊😁 If i could give you everything, I would. #EmoKaklong

I hope you guys know, I wouldn't trade you for anything in this world hehehehe (tp kalau..............k tak tak -..-) In sha Allah, i'll show you as much love as I possibly can give now and i'll haunt your days till you get married awwwww sedih pulak :( I may have bossed you around a lot of the times, but i lebiuu guyssss ❤


Dulu i ingat being the oldest suck sangat hahahahaha. i only saw the negative things jee biasalah budak baru nak naik *blow nails* Why? first, i was overly protected. Second, being the first means, expectations from parents & siblings are higher like please belajar-betul-betul-and-dont-screw-up-too-bad-coz-nanti-adik-adik-ikut kind of thing. Third, since i'm the oldest, i have more responsibilities. Setting a "good example" untuk adik adik is penting ok! like ok, i lahir dulu then what? i lahir dulu and that doesnt make me a better person kan.......okay, maybe it does but still why meeeee?!! Fourth, when ever i get into fights, it was always my fault. always. ALWAYSss no matter who started first as pengamalan konsep "they're younger, they dont know any better" berlaku, Yeah right. I'm pretty sure they know better what they do. Fifth, kadang rasa nak smack down je when my things gone and trying to get my siblings to admit they took my stuff was like the craziest thing everr gaissszz and they won't admit it even after you found all those things in their room geezzz -.- Dulu, masa kecik, i keep on hurting their feelings and make them cry. But now, as i'm now somewhat older to know yang mana baik yang mana buruk, to see them cry becoz of me or anything, it caused me pain too. 

Being eldest is not easy. For the past 22 years as a kaklong has been the toughest yet most rewarding experience for me. I can see them growing right in front of my eyes. Sometimes, its really tough to control them as they are trying to create their own personality. It's tough at times, when they take my things and buat macam harta sendiri lol, when they lie to me and how they get on my nerves everyday fuhhhhhhh menguji sangat. But it still hurts me, to see them struggle and being knock by life. As i become older, i am so grateful to have younger siblings instead of elder hehehe.

But, walaupun being eldest is a tough job, and you dont get thanked for it obviously you buat dengan rela hati kan ha.ha,ha, but watching your younger siblings follow in your steps can literally be.....................touching hehehe. The best feeling in the world untuk seorang, Kak Long ❤ There is not a day that passes by that I am not thankful for them in my life. They taught me everything in life and for that, I owe them everything :)

Ya Rabb, please grant all of us Jannah (and please give me one kaklong in Jannah hehe) ❤😁

Lots of Love,


  1. Amiin and be strong syema. your polaroid plus fairy light was so stunning! I love fairy light too. I meant who doesnt right? haha.

    Every girl deserve fairy light.:D

    1. awww thankyou Eyqa! ehhh i like those wordsszzzz hahahaha "Every girl deserve fairy light" ❤

  2. I want a big sister too (Im the oldest sister)! Betul, apapa mesti anak sulung yang salah hahaha Abang saya selalu kena marah even yang salah sebenarnya tu adik adik hahahaha


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