December 31, 2016

2017/1 - Hello 2017

Salam & hai!
i hope all of you are in the best of health and iman, oh and having a good long weekend toooooooo hehehehe in sha Allah❤

Can't believe i've been writing for this blog for almost 7 years nowww. wowww!! (walaupun banyak post dah delete sebab kekanak-kanakan sangat and now i menyesal delete -__- hahaha). its something yang i memang tak expectla sebab buat blog dulu pun ikut trend katanya and becoz i'm actually such a closed off person hehehehe hehehehe hehehehe kbai!

i wanted to share this first post for this year with you guys ❤ i was actually tengah busy tau having fun sitting for finals lulzz but yeaaah its new year guys!!!!!! *blows nails* its new year and every year, macam biasalah kan hahaha new resolutions that i can't keep. i cant even remember what i promised myself last year, so lets hope i could do it this time in sha Allah ❤😘 *pats self on the back*

Its the time of the year again when most of us reflect on apa yang kita dah achieved or still usaha nak achieve (like me hehe) for the past 365 days. Thankyou Allah, for giving a really really really good year for me and my family. You kept us all healthy! You didn't test me by taking one of my important ones back to You yet, and for that, i eternally grateful. I see some friend losing their family and friends, and i really dont know how they can be so strong. Please dont test me yet 😭 In terms of study, You gave me my dream (walaupun its not my first choice), but i have faith on You, coz You are the best of planner after all kan :) You allowed me to pursue what i want ❤ Thats all i need.

Thankyou Allah, for made me a 21-year-old who up till now still strugling to be a better peson day by day. Thankyou for giving me enough strength for me to keep focused on being a good muslimah in sha Allah in future.

For 2017,
i'd like to have a happy & healthy life fill with Your baraqah. For my family and friends, these people make me want to be a better person & muslim every single day, so, please give whatever good for them. Grant them happiness, grant them the best that life can offer and paling penting! grant us a huge mansion in Jannah, side by side, where we can giggle together ❤ Please protect them from any danger and Your hellfire. 

i realized, i'm only getting older dah and someday, my hair will turn grey and i can't call myself a "girl" dah hehehehe. What more can i ask for 2016, now 2016 dah habis!! Alhamdulillah. Please ya Allah, guide me and my loved ones to embrace islam as a whole and open my heart to be a better muslim so i'll get my happy ending in Your paradise nanti :) That's all the matters, for me now.

i'm so ready for 2017! hope you are tooooo ❤

Happy New Year!
its a new chapter, so let it be a good one fill with His blessings & baraqah in sha Allah

p/s ; i'd like to leave something good behind for others when my times to meet You comes soon. Its my new resolution for this year hehekeep me in your prayer, will you?

Lots of Love,