November 17, 2016

2016/35 - Life is Fair

Salam & hi!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah❤

i'm 21 years old now. pheww, feel so old hehehe. i love people who openly love me. i can feel all the positive vibes from them, and, i hate people who pretend to love me. There are many people, who befriend you with ulterior motives kan these days. Entahla. Now,  i don't really care about others punya motive nak berkawan. i don't trust people dah. i don't simply share anything with others. i don't know how to show and share my love to my friends dah. i takde dah nak share gambar bestfriend ke apa ke dekat any social media coz i know, not everyone happy dengan what we have kan. Ada je yang tak puas hati. Hasad&Dengki. *cenggitu intro nak masuk tajuk hahahaha*
Hasad means wishing that a blessing that Allah swt has gave to others be taken away ataupun wishing for ourself a blessing like that and wanted it to be taken away from the other person. Let see, for me, its a normal thing to feel sikit jeles especially when i see others ada better life than me. But yeah, Hasad&Dengki is very poisonous for soul. Once dah berhasad tu, haa sampai kesudah la semua benda kau nak dengki kan and it makes me very uneasy, setiap kali this perasaan hasad datang. shaitonnnn sangat tau. Sakitnya tu fuhh. i hate it. i banyak kali nangis, becoz tersedar i tengah berhasad dekat orang masha Allah. serba salah sangat especially bila orang yang dihasadkan tu is our own-so-called-bestfriend :( *istighfar*

Hasad is not good guys. i cepat cepat bukak youtube google semua benda pasal hasad coz nak betulkan balik hati ni masha Allah. teruk. i know. I watched this one youtube's video pasal hasad, and he said that one of the thing that we can do if tengah berhasad is making du'a to that particular person. This is becoz, when you make du'a for others, you actually release the -ve feelings you have toward that person andddddddddddddddddd when you make du'a for others, Malaikat, in sha Allah will du'akan you too!  

You might think others have perfect life, kenapa orang tu kaya, kenapa orang tu pandai, kenapa orang tu banyak kawan bla bla bla kalau nak list sampai kesudah pun tak habis. kan, tapi betul ke? please reconsider it back guysss. If a perfect life does exist, Nabi Muhammad SAW la orang yang paling layak ada perfect life, but, did he? I believe, no lives are perfect. It MIGHT seem perfect in our eyes, tp percayalah, orang yang kita nampak perfect tu pun ada je dugaan dia. Never you guys know, others have their own set of struggles they need to deal with tooooooo!!!!!! 

It is true, orang lain mungkin ada something yang kita takde. but trust me lagi, that doesn't mean they have everything. They might not have something that we do have. Jadi, bersyukurlah :) 

Hasad dengki is not good mah, not good. i know. May Allah swt grant us what best for us, and may Allah swt, jauhkan kita dari hasad dan dengki. in sha Allah.

Lots of Love,

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