October 28, 2016

2016/33 - #Selamat21

Salam & hi!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah❤

Good morning, world! its my 21st birthday todayyyy yesterday hehehehe. Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah. Thankyou Allah, for still giving me good life each day and blessed me with good family and friends up till now. 27th October 1995 was the day I was born. The moment I posted this post, it has been 1 day since my birthday of 2016. Therefore, I am 21 years old and 1 day (nak jugak hahaha)

To me, my birthday is my day. I usually go to somewhere and treat myself apa je yang i nak, something yang special i rarely get like pergi food hunting beli sushi lepas tu sambung dip n dip then makan carbonara and end up beli sweater luls. RIP my money T_T and i end up buat extra good things for the whole week coz ITS MY SPECIAL DAY AND I HAVE THIS AKU-NAK-PAHALA-LEBIH-BERGANDA-BANYAK-COZ-ITS-MY-BIRTHDAY feeling every year hahaha 

Never have I hoped for people to give me birthday presents or birthday cake with lighted candles on top, buat persembahan tarian ke apa i dont know hahaha & video wishes for me awww im so touched mencikk hahaha. If they want to do so, I’d just welcome them hehehehe. If they don’t want to, I have nothing against them pun. but being blessed with extra good friends hahahaha ayooo these people memangla tau prank-ing me tengah tengah malam ppfft! mekasih for making my 21st birthday so bermakna with you guys around❤ ya Allah, i don't know what i've done to deserve this friendship tskkk. These people make me want to be a better person every day!! i am so grateful, alhamdulillah, Allah swt united us in the best friendship one can ever get. please dear Allah, reunite us in Jannah where we can giggle together and please keep us and our family and all our loved ones in the right path so we'll get our happy ending in your paradise in sha Allah :)
My birthday is my muhasabah time. A time when I jot down my life accomplishments, how far have I progressed? Have I done my best to be the best? Have I improved from last time’s birthday? Have I really maximized my efforts to reach my target in life? These are the questions I always ask myself each time I celebrate my birthday. i dont want to be the same person before and after but i cant set too high of an expectation for myself and i cant set too low of an expectation either. Sometimes kan, it is good to look at all the good things that we already have, and take the time to appreciate them. Some blessings are easy to be overlooked because we got used to them, and because of that, we tend to take them for granted. hm.

Alhamdulillah for another year. Reunited with my family back on my birthday la paling best coz before ni everyone ada kat rumah (without me obviously, i iz sad) and now, hehehehehehehehe KAKLONG is back!!!!!!!!!!! for good............in sha Allah. hehehe. Dah makin besar ni, semorang jadi makin clingy to each other pulak. phewwww. Moga adik adik kaklong jadi muslim/muslimah baik baik yang selalu tolong orang even when i'm not around dah nanti #emokaklong

if anyone should be thankful, it is me. i should be thankful coz i have people who care for me. i want people like this around coz they will keep me on track. Allah swt gave me the power to choose macam mana pun i want to live my life and siapa pun yg i nak to stay in my life. i am the author of my own story and the story is not over yet, until i reach my goal...HUSNUL KHOTIMAH (long way to goooooo)

Last but not least, thankyou everyone for the du'as. 
may all the good words back to you guys and family too in sha Allah ❤

p/s : 21 is maturing me already kan? hikhik

#Imahturns21 #Selamat21

Lots of Love,

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