October 9, 2016

2016/32 - Beautiful people

Salam & hi!
hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah❤

i'm not feeling well. There is this one quote i baca, it said, "when the head hurts, all the members suffer" hahahaha betul la kot. coz head is the most important part in everyone so bila dia sakit, it will start to kacau others toooo. This is not good. Not good. Dulu i rasa, life as grown up, is not as fun as what i thought in my mind. But now i realize, no matter how hard i refuse, i am a grown up now!! kalau sakit pun dah kena pandai pandai take care sendiri. This body i have on loan from Allah needs to be given some attention too kan.

So, back to the topic. For the past few days, my body is not in the best condition. pening kepala, sakit tekak, hidung tersumbat. Those 3 serangkai things datang. Well i'm not a person who walk up to people and mengadu everything for sure. There are reasons why people don't share about certain things in their life kan. You know the-i-ken-handle-this-without-anyone feeling and acah acah tough, Its not acah acah tough tau but i know my condition, i know my body. i know i just need panadol and sleep for few hours only then my body can cope back. But yesterday, the struggle was real. When evryone tengah sibuk study for the upcoming test, they were there, staying by my side (ofcozla not the whole day, but still.....) carikan panadol, carikan 100 plus, carikan minyak angin, tuam kan kepala, carikan bubur. And when they came, the first thing they did, pegang my kepala. Yang jauh jauh pun ada yang ws bagi tips, and paling cool ada yang recite kan Selawat Syifa' for me omg im so touched T__T For me, that's real love. Good people like these dont come by very often.

i've learnt a lot about friendship that day. i know for a fact that i have truly been blessed with amazing friends and i should be thankful becoz i have people who care enough to take care of me when i was not in my best condition. These people make me want to be a better person & better muslim every single day. i am so grateful, Alhamdulillah, Allah swt united us in the best friendship one can ever get! Love for friend is also important and once i feel sad when they're sad and happy when they're happy, i know i've found a pretty awesome thing! I thank Allah swt for this friendship of mine, not just this one la but the other good friendships in my life too but with these specific favourite people, when i count my blessings, i count these people twice!❤

i don't know what i've done to deserve this friendship. Please grant them with happiness, health, the best that life can offer and most importantly, grant us a huge castle in Jannah, side by side, for You know best, they are exemplary friends that i'm so lucky to have *nangis*

i love you guys, lillahita'ala❤

Lots of Love,


  1. Sometimes we do not need to share even a small matter. Tapi bila kudrat dah kurang, ada baiknya kita mengadu pada orang. Semoga Allah memberi keadaan kesihatan yang baik untuk awak =)

  2. hi munirah,
    hehehehe you're indeed true! Jzkk for the du'a❤ :)

  3. hehehehe, dah sihat alhamdulillah! thankyou sinuha❤


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