August 19, 2016

2016/29 - Of Beautiful Life ❤

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah. still tengah LI dan berada di minggu minggu akhir. sebak pulak nak tinggal Nuklear Malaysia ni rasa macam nak kerja sini je hehehehehe k over. 2 more years to go in sha Allah. Result pun baru keluar and alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal. still struggling to keep a constant good result, moga Allah permudahkan!
After my friendship broke up few years back, there is time i don't want to believe anyone dah. It takes years, numerous heartbreaks and plenty of tears to be into a better shape back. sakitnya tu masha Allah, lagi sakit dari putus cinta hahahahaha, I am thankful that Allah swt still blessing me with families & good friends yang dekat disini, dan yang jauh di sana. My life is indeed a colourful journey and ofcoz ada la sikit sikit trials kan. I still can't describe how beautiful this life can be but i already decided to love it hehe i won't do any grumbling dah in sha Allah. It's how i arrange my mind and a decision i make everyday. 

Each new day, i believe, is a gift from Allah swt for me to focus on the new day and create more happy memories ohh and paling penting! to attain blessings in my life ❤ Some people do not believe in beautiful life, but many others do! if it happens to you, then only you will believe in beautiful life tau. Life is indeed tough, but i am still counting the blessing from Allah swt. Day in and day out, i am sure the sins i have accumulated is beyond imaginable! *smacking myself* and here it is, Allah gives me another chance to make everything right. 

ohh i was having a really really stressful days due to some personal things these past few days. what make it worst, i started to develop some really negative thoughts. i'm beyond tired at this point tau. some people really have no life T__T for real, go get a life. Just go do something with your life coz you have one. But someone close taught me untuk sabar, always remember to count my blessings and appreciates what i still have in my life right now. Allahu. It's then when you need someone to remind you just how Allah never skimps on His love and mercy hehehe. Having her in my life, reminds me that regardless of what happen, turning back to Him means there'll be better days come soon becoz what is with Allah, is always always alwaysssss better in sha Allah!

We all have our own set of struggles kan, but how we deal with them is a whole different story. Each day is a gift. As long as my eyes open, i'll focus on making good memories with others in sha Allah.
Ya Allah, please guide me to the straight path and let me have all my faith on you❤

Lots of love,


  1. very love your writing. keep it up!

  2. nice writing and nice english, jeles CP ter...

  3. hai CP,
    hahaha mana ada! thankyou❤

  4. All is well ! Keep calm and cool..hihi

  5. hai Mas,
    thankyou in sha Allah❤

  6. InshaAllah ameen. May be blessed babe ❤


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