August 5, 2016

2016/28 - Happy Pills❤

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in their best of health & imaan in sha Allah! may Allah swt accept everything that we do today, small/big amin in sha Allah ❤ still in the middle of LI and alhamdulillah again, our 3rd week went well. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah!

So this week, ada 2 jamuan hari raya dekat sini. One with BTP's family and another one dengan the whole agency. Btw masa celebrate dengan satu agensi tu dah masuk 1 Zulkaedah dah (obviously #syawalover but dont careee still celebrate jugak hehe) i'm enjoying all my days here tup tupp dah 3 weeks dah and tinggal lagi 3 weeks je ni :( ohh and our projek tukar dah hehe dah tak buat pasal radioprotectant becoz of some problems yg tak dapat nak dielakkan, so kitorang tukar kepada toxicity's study hehewww oh and btwww lagi, hari ni & semalam, we (me & aisyah) dah selamat dissect 25+1 rats and take out their kidneys & livers untuk study toxicity ni and next week in sha Allah, kitorang start doing histology pulak wuu. the first picture masa berhari raya dengan BTP's family and the secong one tu masa berhari raya dengan warga agensi nuklear.

ok enough dengan projek!

Last wednesday, lepak dengan bebudak atas ni (my happy pills hikhik) tempat dirahsiakan la tapi hahahaahaha and ada satu part ni i rasa memang kelakar nak mati omaigadd up till now pun i can still laugh macam nak gila tau hahahaha but plis la gurlzzz if you keluar with your friends especially malam, take care of yourself & take care of your friends too. its so funny how we ran kelam kabut masuk kereta sebab cuak entah apa apa tah. being a typical girl, bila orang lain kelam kabut, engkoo pun kelam kabut sekali hahahahaha being a typical girl lagi, bila kau buat something yang memang salah, and kau punya cuak if something happen to masha Allah! i really hope Allah swt doesn't test me with daughters such as myself if i have any in future hahahahaha may all my daughters jadi muslimah yang baik semuanya and dengar kata and paling penting TAK NAKAL hahaha in sha Allah.

it really made me so happy to see these people i love genuinely have a close and loving relationship. To trust again after being betrayed is not easy sebab sakitnya tu di sini ❤ and becoz the pain is invisibly killing me deep down, i can't afford the pain of losing & betraying anymore. once i get tooooooo attached i'm in trouble! haha no more attachments pliz! but with these people, i hope we can  all graduate bersama and paling penting, hangout as a family together again in Jannatul Firdaus nanti❤ 

i'm healing myself even kadang there were times in which i felt that i takpernah heal pun. i'm healing what has been hurt and try to bring back what once was mine right now. things will get better after this, in sha Allah.

ya Allah,
please make us the one who always remember to count our blessings and appreciate what we still have in our life.amin.

Let us be each others happy pills in this world and hereafter.

Lots of Love,


Here awak!