June 30, 2016

2016/24 - I declare, I am blessed

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in their best of health and imaan in sha Allah, its already 25th Ramadhan masha Allah time sure flies kan we already at the end of ramadhan rasa macam baru je start ramadhan kareem hari tu. Ending Ramadhan and welcoming Eid is always a bitter sweet feeling hehehe you know, the tak-nak-habis-puasa-but-nak-raya-jugak kind of feeling hehehe tapi, Rasulullah SAW said Eid was a day of victory for muslims kan, so alhamdulillah and enjoy Eid as much as we can (the whole syawal weewit) Lets just hope that Ramadhan's baraqah and all the good deeds we got into habit of doing masa Ramadhan tak kan hilang till we meet the next Ramadhan in sha Allah :)

so how's your Ramdhan going?

anyways, i've learnt a lot about friendship. A LOT. mostly through my own experience ofcoz and also other's relationship. Kalau difikirkan, what i can say, i'm blessed with people around me right now. They are like family to me alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah and there's this one ayat in Quran that told us the big role of friendship in our life. If im not mistaken, surah Al Asr, ayat 3. In this ayat, Allah reminds us to always be there for each other and hold each other hands so that we will constantly in the right path becoz we care for each other obviously and we want to gather back in Jannatul Firdaus nanti kan!

Offering advice to others is not an easy thing to do. I've once ended up bergaduh dgn this one friend becoz she offered advice to me and i took it the wrong way *malu sendiri* i got angry instantly, dia rasa macam kau-siapa-nak-tegur-aku punya feeling tau. i felt like smacking myself bila ingat balik hahahaha. but now alhamdulillah, dah ok dah, thankyou to her becoz she never let go my hand eventough ada selisih paham banyak kali jugak sebenarnya hahaha but up till now, bila rasa macam tersasar sikit, she will grab my hand quickly! thankyou tau! *you know who you are*

oh and i've been on other side too (the one uhuk that offering uhuk uhuk advice uhuk uhuk). I'm not that good nawwwhh jauh lagi nak menjadi husnul khotimah but in sha Allah husnul khotimah is one of my aim in this dunya in sha Allah. In past, i've held back from saying something/giving advice sebab takut diorang ingat i'm judging them pulokk kan. tp day in and day out, i dah makin berani la nak tegur mana yang patut, but in the right way la takde la nak malukan depan orang ke apa ke eh a big NO NO! tau. How we want others tegur kita, macam tu jugak kita tegur orang :)

So when we receive a piece of advice from others, be it from our friends ke family ke strangers ke your enemiezzzz keee, listen to it with an open heart and +ve mind tau! reflect back ourself, "betul ke aku salah" "kalau aku taksalah takkan dia tegur" "dia tegur mesti sebab dia sayang" ha! BINGO! "DIA TEGUR MESTI SEBAB DIA SAYANG" i love this words. why? becoz bila fikir balik, they wouldn't have wasted their time giving us advice if they dont care/love us kan. hmm. logik kan? logik ke idoookkk hahaha. 

At the end of the day, the friends who surround us should be the ones bringing us closer to Allah, reminds us about life and keep inspiring us to become a better version of ourself day by day. If you find one, hold on them becoz good people these days are hard to find :) i have a lot of friends, but as i grow up, i realise that my true friends i can count with my hands. Alhamdulillah diorang semua very good people who im so lucky to crossed paths with.

Ya Allah,
please surround us with good people, let us find good friends and let us be a good friend to others too. Whatever we do, please please please let us have the hereafter in mind and let us chase all the goodness we can find in this world. ameen.

I declare, i am blessed.

Lots of love,