June 26, 2016

2016/23 - Imah's Study Week

Assalamualaikum & hai!

Happy 21st day of ramadhan Kareemm! masha Allah, we already at the end of Ramadhan :( oh ha! thankyou Allah for let me have my last ten days of Ramadhan hehe ❤ This past 2 weeks has been so hectic for me in between study weeks and final exams oh and chasing for ramadhan's baraqah too (+ pranking people here and there lulz) and yeeeeahhhhhhhhh finally, got time for the blog! I feel bad for let myself slip out of some my usual routine but oyeahhheyy i'm back into my old routineeeeee in sha Allah final pun dah habis kan *angkat kening

Imah's study/stido week

hehehehe dulu, i really hate when people call me imah and this one friend of mine will keep call me imah until i gave up dah sebab malas nak layan dia. but now, imah sounds cool jugak sebenarnya muahahaha anyways, please dont call me imah. i only use imah for writing purpose sahaja tak lebih. so, my previous post, i ada janji nak share pasal my study week kan so here i am, *singsing lengan*


i spent my study weeks (2 weeks) dekat kolej 17 obviously dengan my coursemates sbb dah janji nak study sekali for finals as untuk test 2 kitorang dah start study sekali kan. So, rumah yang menjadi tempat tumpang kami adalah rumah Ain & Lia!!! hahahaha it was dramatic tau as i dengan iqma dah macam pelarian tidur atas lantai, atas sofa and wherever yang kitorang rasa boleh tidur. ohh and dees pun kadang kadang (ada 2,3 hari je dia tak join sebenarnya) join jugak camping kat hall rumah (walaupun rumah dia sebelah je pun). Total up semua, lebih kurang 16 days of ramadhan out of 21 i spent with these good people yet still annoying up till now hahahahaha. Alhamdulillah, i got experience bersahur bersama, menahan diri dari lapar & dahaga bersama, berifthor bersama, berbazar bersama, berterawih bersama, menonton movie bersama (bukan wayang yang paasti) #Eh, berkaraoke bersama #Ehlagi alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal.

knowing them, is a blessing of coz la kan. They spent their time for me, taught me from A-Z back, waited till i understood every single things, kept repeating if i tak faham until i faham, takpernah mengeluh. There was time i'm not in a good mood, but they still cope with me masha Allah. There was time i rasa macam nak give up but they still there held my hands together and brought me back to the right track. We woke up for sahoor (+ buatkan sahoor sekali), we went for terawih and recited Quran & ma'thurat together, we studied together, bagi tumpang bilik, bagi pinjam katil, berbuka, beli makanan, pergi bazaar everything together for the whole 2 weeks :') and now i miss these annoying people A LOT :(

i know, some of you maybe ada pengalaman study week yang lagi best. Maybe ada yang rasa macam "alah apelah sangat"-kind-of-feeling kan but for me, what these people did for me is beyond everything. I really really really appreciate every single thing that they did. thankyou korang ❤ *you know who you are. May Allah swt gives you guys His baraqah, happiness and everything that you guys deserve fii dunya wal akhirah in sha Allah.

My friends, if korang jumpa, mungkin dilihat sebagai orang biasa di luar, tapi di dalam subhanallah, they are beyond everything. They are good people that surround me and become more like family dah. They dont show people every single kebaikan that they did. They act like nothing but they strive hard and struggle to chase for Allah's blessings, instead, better than some "pious" people yang i get to know dulu. Thats why, kan ada pujangga popular tu kan "Dont judge a book by its cover" hehehehehehehe

Anyways, final is over and i already balik Melaka dah pun semalam sampai alhamdulillah. and i've been missing my girls sejak diorang pergi terawih semalam T_____T huuuuuu see you guys soon in sha Allah praktikal nanti eh ❤

ya Allah,
please grant us all of the requests we have put in, accept all our deeds we've been doing, let us be each others happy pills in tis world and hereafter, please have mercy on us, protect us from the hellfire and let us build our castle side by side in Your jannah nanti in sha Allah ameen.

#whoneedsboyfriendwhenihavethesepeople #sweetestgirlfriends

Lots of love,