June 19, 2016

2016/22 - Ramadhan, Finals & I

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in their best of health and imaan in sha Allah ❤ Happy 13th day of Ramadhan Kareem everyoneeeeee, masa i tulis ni la mungkin post masa 14 Ramadhan dah heee alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah! still in the middle of final exam's week. Another 2 papers in sha Allah, to go! May Allah ease everything.

This year, i feel so blessed especially during this holy month. I spent my first and second puasa with the family and the rest (up till now) with these wonderful yet annoying friendzzss i got here. These people memang la so so so cool. Sometimes, i wonder, what i did to deserve these people in my life.

So this year ramdhan, macam last year jugak, i spent dengan finals and study week here dekat UPM. Tapi alhamdulillah, eventough busy dengan study semua, people around me keep reminding me not to forget THE REAL MEANING OF RAMADHAN and!!! to collect all the baraqah we can get in this month. In sha Allah, everyone here strive hard to get His blessings and to score in finals too hehehehahaha. Looking back, i realized how i had wasted my previous ramadhan :( i didn't grab opportunity that Allah swt gave me before but in sha Allah, this year, to Jannah we aim! because i know, at the end of the day, it's just me and Him :)

I'm gonna keep it real and admit, i still struggle to become a good muslim. I started to practice back what i had learnt during my school's life before and in sha Allah, moga i boleh survive in this wordly life. For all of us who are struggling everyday to become a good muslim (including myself ofcoz), let's keep struggling together!!please know that Allah swt is listening to us and because we know, the real life begin when this worldly life end kan.

Day by day, i am so so so so sure the sins i have accumulated is beyond imaginable and here it is, Allah has made it easy for us to eliminate as many sins as possible and be a better version of ourself during this ramadhan as the month itself full of baraqah kan. in sha Allah in sha Allah doa yang baik baik untuk semua okayyyy.

Okla. i got exam esok. Immunology. One of the toughest subject i iz kennot hahahhaha tapi tapi, ingat tak! i will always have faith on Him and i'll never give up. This semester is one of the most important semester for me. Ia menentukan my future after this. In sha Allah, i dah kerja kuat this time and i put my trust on Him as He is the best planner for all of us in sha Allah. here's to people in my life that are so cool to give me things and memories that are so meaningful. thankyou everyone. i owe you guys a lot :')

Ya Rabb,
please make me, the one who will never gave up on You and please let me graduate with these people here whom i love and i treasure a lot❤ amin.

So have an amazing day ahead everyone! may it be filled with Allah's baraqah, loads of smiles and love! in sha Allah.

Lots of Love,