June 11, 2016

2016/21- Double The Fun #Part2

Assalamualaikum & hai!
hoping everyone in their best of health and imaan! in sha Allah. Happy 6th day of ramadhan Kareem!
Alhamdulillah to see and experience another day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah :D 

In the end of study week right now in sha Allah first paper (Bahasa Melayu Tinggi) will be on upcoming monday phewwww. Doakan yang baik baik untuk Syaimaa dan rakan rakan Syaimaa yang sama sama struggle menonggeng nonggeng dekat sini. May Allah swt blessed our efforts and make everything easy for us in sha Allah. I shall credit this post to the one yang banyak sangat lend me their shoulders through this tough week, yang bagi tumpang rumah nak study sekali, yang bagi tumpang bilik nak tidur, yang banyak push me in sha Allah for the best. Thankyou korang :') Will share with you guys about my study week soon after i finish my last paper okayyyyy!!

So for today's post, nak la lunaskan janji ritu masa buat post pasal Double The Fun tu. i promise nak told you guys how Allah swt answers our du'a kan based on what i had read la tau! so bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

There are things that we all really expect to happen, and Allah swt, the Most Generous, will directly gifts us with exactly what we asked for kan. Alhamdulillah and there are things, that when we asked Allah swt, He keeps it away from us. Why? because we know, everyone knows, He tries to protects us from something bad that we might not know could've happened. Another way, on the day of judgement, we will see our good deeds scale nampak berat sangat fuhh macam tak percaya uolss. You will start to hesitate, you will start to think, "eh takkan la aku punya kot" "eh aku ni banyak buat dosa je takkan good deeds aku banyak macam ni" "eh seriously ni scale aku ke nii ommo" And then, Malaikat will say yes, that is yours and you still hesitate jugak. And on that time, Allah swt will say, yes, all of this is yours because remember back then, when you keep asking Me for something and i didn't give it to you, but you keep asking and never gave up, kept having faith on Me but i still kept it away from you and in return, I rewarding you with all these good deeds because I know you would be in need of all these deeds way more than the one you asked for.

Fuhh, when i first listen to this part, i cant imagine kepuasan i yang dapat on that time. You know, on the day of Judgement, siapa je tak nervous, tak takut kan. The day of Judgement weeehhhh!!! Judgement dayyyy when all our deeds being scale untuk tentukan either ke Jannah or else (mintak jauh la yang else tu fuh). i'll be like, fuh nasib baik doa aku tak makbul masa kat dunia hehehe. So if you have experience something like me (easily give up on making du'as) trust me, His promise is always true in sha Allah. Everything happens for a reason kan, everyone knows la deyy kemon.  

May Allah swt make us of those who will never give up and will always have faith on Him. i almost gave up before this, in sha Allah lepas ni teguhkan hati untuk keep on praying and berdoa je. May Allah swt make me, and you, the one who will never gave up on Him ❤ ameeeeeeennn

Lots of Love,