June 4, 2016

2016/19 - Double The Fun

Assalamualaikum & hai!

as usual, hoping everyone in their best of health and imaan in sha Allah!!❤

Ramadhan is coming very soonnnnn!! wohho im super excited! Ramadhan is one of the month that not only me, but i know, every muslims looking forward for it too every year. One of my du'as at the start of Ramadhan was to please let me have full ramadhan this year (which i know, its impossible) but yeahh no one knows the power of du'a kan hehehehe even so, just let me have my last ten days of Ramadhan prettyyyy plissssss ya Allah!! i cant remember my past Ramadhan, dapat ke tak last ten days tu but i remember for sure, i went to solat Hari Raya heheehehe again.

have you ever felt like you've been making du'a for something for a long time but it still hasn't been answered yet up till now?  i am taught that if i'm going to ask for something, turn to Him and make effort to get what i wanted. i ask Allah for this one thing everyyyyytime (after solat, tengah drive, after makan and before sleep) but my du'a still tak makbul lagi. i am human, so i give up sometimes and i stop asking for it as i thought perhaps Allah knows its not good for me and then i found this ayat :

Al Baqara 2:186
So this ayat basically tell us that no matter happen, Allah will responds to each and everyone of us. We just need to continue to do all the good deeds, keep on du'as and not give up on Him so that we will always be guided *smacked myself* sebab easily give up. Ohh and i read about different ways Allah answers our du'as but i'll let you guys know in my next entri okayyyy!!!

So if any one of my readers are having the same problem like me (easily give up, eh ke i sorang je yg easily give up hehehehehe) lets keep raise or hands and keep ask Him as He will never left anything unanswered as His promise is always true kan! Cuma masa sahaja yang berbeza in sha Allah kalau bukan sekarang, when the right time comes, It's all a matter of faith! ingat tu :)

Thankyou, Jazakallah, Syukran Allah!
please make me (and others) of those who will always have our faith on You and never give up to continue making du'a because we know, You will never left our du'a unanswered :)

Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan Kareem❤
Lets strive hard to collect all the baraqah in this month, be a good muslim, hidupkan all the sunnah and may Allah swt terima all our amalan in sha Allah. Selamat berpuasa semua :)

p/s : i've been sharing many unnecessary things, and i've upload unnecessary pictures in here banyak jugak, so i think, its time to write only good one. but bukan maksud i taknak share my journey and my days here, tp mungkin without pictures la after this hehehe because you know, most of my friend and me, my self, perempuan kan so its not good to share our pictures on social media banyak banyak. i'll delete previous post's picture sikit sikit in sha Allah.

Anywayy, thankyou for still following my entriiiiiii....you guys memang COOOOOOLLL!!!

Lots of Love,