May 20, 2016

2016/17 - Its Over!

Assalamualaikum & hai!
hoping everyone in their best of health and imaan in sha Allah :) x!

currently in Melaka right now, semalam balik.Alhamdulillah.i still dont get it why people keep label me "suka balik" bukannya i balik every week pun blerghhhhh but whatever i dont care.

So, last week, we got our symposium kan yang busy gila nak mati prepare everything for that event tu sampai tidur tak terurus, testnya lagi, assignments ke mana muehehehe but alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, everything went well and alhamdulillah lagi ITS OVERRRRRRR :) test pun dah over, event besar pun dah over cuma tinggal few assignments lagi nak setelkan and 3 more weeks left before final exam approach us wohhoooo *fighting mah fighting.

So untuk sympo hari tu, i got some pictures to share with you guys!

these photos were taken during our committee shot, mcm pre-sympo shoot la gitu kawwww
For those yg tak tau,this symposium is actually for all biomedic students from all Malaysia including IPTA and IPTS too. So when we conduct this event, there were so many unis and colleges send their presenter (which include final year students explaining their fyp) andddd the participants from 2nd year until final year.

It was soo coooll when you see these people dengan penuh semangat and ada yang nervous but still they manage to overcome their feelings and stand in front of hundreds people andddd judges to present their fyp. it was seriously super cool and now i got some ideas what to do for my final year project in sha Allah :)

So the participants were from USM, UM, UIA, UNIKL, IMU, UNITAR and many more and the total participants were 400++ It was amazing because the event were fully conducted by us, UPM 2ndyear biomedic students. Alhamdulillah, we managed to conduct this event successfully and we go through everything till the end! this event was held for 2 days on 14th-15th May 2016 btw!


with 400++ participants on closing ceremony

*drum rolls*
of cozla
pheeewwww *blow nails

hahaha alhamdulillah for everything, got an awesome team and semua happy je eventough team kitorang la paling banyak face problem but still we put smile on on those hectic days. now i miss this team hehehehehe :') and oh yeahhhh i havent told you guys my role in this event!!!!! kena jugak bagi tau, i had been assigned to pantau the technical in Dewan Kuliah 3 (as we used 3 dewan kuliah on that day) and you cant never imagine how cuak i am, how kabut i am when suddenly i received presenter's slides yg tak update la, ada yang missing la, ada yang nak tukar on the spot la pheeewww anddd i also one of the photographer on that day hehehehe it was an honoured to be given a chance as a photographer on a big event hikhik. and runner tooo kehulu ke hilir buat banyak benda. i seriously lovessssssss to do all these things i dont know why hehehehe!!

focus untuk final another 3 weeks!!!
Lots of Love,