May 13, 2016

2016/16 - Sannah Helwah, SYAHIRA ISHAK

Assalamualaikum & hai!
hoping everyone in the best of health & imaan in sha Allah.

so,  iread back my last post (delete already lulz) and rasa nak smacked myself for writes macam tu wakakaka but nawwh you know org kalau tak sihat, their mental state pun bukan betul sangat. That's what happened to me on that day. hehehe now, i'm totally fine and dah sedar di dunia nyata.i shouldn't tulis macam tu but nawwhhh its part of my lifee too kan. sokayyy laa

ok. back to the topic.

so today, 13th May 2016,
is one of my favourite day in a year. one of my favourite people's birthday whom i treasure a lotttttttttttttt.
may you grow up to be a good muslimah, strong in imaan and kind to others. I'll pray that Allah swt will gives you happiness abundantly that you deserved in this life and of coz paling penting in hereafter too in sha Allah. i may not be a good friend whom you can lean on now, but please know, if you ever need anything, just let me know. i'll forever stay by yourside in sha Allah. i'll make sure to turn out to be a good friend, sister and muslimah that you can lean on too one day. We might not see each other these few years (as sorang kat PERTHlis and here i am dekat SERDang walaupun both staying in Melaka but masha Allah susah betul nak jumpa) but lets just du'a for the bond between us keep stronger day by day. i may not keep contacting you every day, but knowing that you are already in my du'a since the very first year we met dah cukup to prove how important you are for me.

Thankyou for the past 6 years of being a good friend of mine. Thankyou for the past memories. Facebook really remind me how good our past days. HAHAHAHA dengan bahasa rempit nya, dengan bergaduh entah apa apa. Time sure flies, we are now in our 2 nd year degree and in sha Allah in few months to 3rd year we go. Dah lama rasanya tak bergaduh merepek, you're growing up now mana nak layan iteww ni gaduh gaduh dah. Hahahaha. Whatever happens in your life, keep strong! Allah bagi ujian, kepada hambaNya yang layak kan :)

please know that you will forever be in my heart as one of my favourite people even if kau dah kahwin nanti which i dont care your husband kena tau jugak you are one of my favourite friend :P

i will always make a good du'a for you syera. even kita dah tak macam dulu. jarang sangat nak contact. if aku cakap takde masa, its actually bukan point pun becoz masa tu boleh je cari, but please know, aku bukan sengaja tak nak ws ke mesej sesaja ke, call ke, i/m not going to hang on past memories dah. i'll live my recent life and past life will remain in my heart in sha Allah.

Ok la, take a good care of yourself. study smart and study well :)

i'm going to wish you on w/s at 11.59pm nanti but yeah just for you know, dah seminggu aku tidur 3-4 pagi becoz of some events and things that need to be done. if aku tak sempat wish, IF LA TAK SEMPAT WISH.I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND ME :) 

that is one of the reason why i write this post sekarang eventough mata aku dah macam takde bebola mata dah *drama and lepas ni nak tidur kejapppp before sambung balik my hectic routine petang ni hm.

bye syerot.doakan aku.i love you.lillahita'ala :)

Lots of love,