May 6, 2016

2016/15 - Hectic week again??!!!

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health & imaan in sha Allah.
Alhamdulillah, i'm doing just fine here. yeah....fiinnneeeeeeee.... yeah righhhhhhhhhttttt

Anyways, these few weeks, i was & will be sooo busy because our universiti, UPM, especially my faculty, Fakulti Perubatan & Sains Kesihatan and my jabatan, Jabatan Sain Perubatan will held a big event which involve hampir semua unis (yg ada biomed ofcoz). its actually a symposium for biomedical students & lecturers out thereeee. teheeeee last year, Unitar jadi tuan rumah, this year UPM and in sha Allah, next year, UIA's turns pulak.

i am one of the multimedia and technical commitee (which obviously play one of the biggest role in this event) and its super duper...............tiring ahahahaha but alhamdulillah, we're half way there. A week left and this week and next week gonna be the most hectic week. You, who knows me well should know that i am one of those yang tidur awal(pukul 12 max exclude kalau exams laaa kan) but just for this event, macam last night, i slept at 4am!! two days ago, i slept at 3.30am. Alhamdulillah i got my team's support and kitorang menonggeng nonggeng sesama hempas pulas siapkan everything.

Nak dijadikan cerita lebih menarik, we're act in the middle of our test week. masha Allah, lagi menguji when you're stuck between test and this tanggungjawab. oh and some assignments need to be send immediately tooooo. macam last nigh i jadi super hero kot do three jobs in one time, studying for anatomy, buat sympo's book and buat psycho's assignment and those three need to be done on that dayyyyy guysss kemon am i not cool enough to be a super cool hero luls

but alhamdulillah, when we stress out, my team and i will find some ways to chill. macam semalam we all buat karaoke dangdut dekat bilik while doing everything and it was actually helps to relief stress tho!!!!! dangdut at 2am guyssss whoohhhoo. siap jejoget entah apa apa hahaha but it was a blessed to have such a nice team :) thankyouuuu korangg lets push ourself together into this one event in sha Allah everything will just be fine :)

and semalam, someone's turns 21.

i remind myself not to ingat her birthdayy dah and yes sama macam last year, i end up beli kan kek again hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah syaimaa hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha. sumpahla semalam dah la nak exam paper anatomy i kept berlawan either nak beli ke tak nak beli ke tak. and then i decide, taknak beli sebab yeah buat apa nak beli kan. but then, i stress out so much macam (mulut kata tak payah, hati kata nak kind of things hahahah lul) sampai i cant focus on the lecture notes and terus pergi beli.i cant la, i dont think i can move on in this state and i decide nak just go on je with everything. i dont want to move on nor to hold on her anymore. but i just cant :( lets just time heal everything. i'm glad she's having a good life now. so do i. i'm glad she was happy. i'm glad she turns to be a good woman and muslimah. 
i just.......... cant hate her. that's one thing i know for sure, i cant do. even i cakap everything benci la menyampahla mengadalah dia tu pergi jalan and all stuff but i know, i can't hate her pun hahahahaha.

Tak apalah,
i'm doing that bukan sebab nak balasan ke apa. i just want to give her something on her birthday, may my cake brings smile on her special day. before ni pun i dah janji will sambut her birthday every year (dulu la masa berkawan wakakaka) and yet i dont know everything will end up mcm ni. but i put my trust on Him. In sha Allah, He planned better.

and yes, May is full of my favourite's people birthdayyy fuhh penat jugak everyday nak planned prank hahahah macam hari tu its fara's birthday we end upp entah apa apa tapi it was simple & nice celebration i had ever did alhamdulillah moga farah suka i know she will read this one as dia kan obses dengan i wakakakakak and on the same day, its my miracun's birthday too my dormate i treasure a lot heeee. and on 4th May was lia birthday. KAK LIA actually but dia tak bagi panggil kak lia so demand this one. we end up buat burger and bedak party (just so you know you're lucky enough aku tau lambat lia and you end up dengan bedak, if tak..........) and its my cik kiah's birthday toooo one of my classmate masa kat samura yang still keep in touch with me. asyikla sibuk skype dengan dia. this one idk why but dulu dia so obses with me. she always stalk me and ambik my gambar curi curi.scary this one hahahahaha. and today is shyna's birthday. my tadika-mate up till sharodz. she currently in UK right now and i really hope Allah s.w.t will protect and blessed her in anything she do.

ok la. this post to wrap up my hectic week ni haa.


just for you guys to know, i'm happy right now. i feel blessed and i'm enjoying my life. i got some problems too. infact sekarang pun i still have some problems that i need to deal with, sometimes too hard i cant even handle it but still alhamdulillah for everything :)

Lots of Love,