April 24, 2016

2016/14 - Its their Birthdayyyyy♥

Assalamulaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan.
currently at foodcourt with the roomate seeking for internet wifi luls. i dont know what happen here kalau boleh semua benda nak ubah. People said, change for better but here, for God sake, change for the WORST pfffttt

but anyways, last saturday, we (geng tak sembang, we got a whatsapp group called geng taksembang btwww) celebrated Siti's 21st belated birthday and Atiqah's 20th becoming birthdayyy. It was full of surprised and drama btw, and master mind dia of coz la si Dees for Siti (and me hehehe for Atiqah)  For God sake, hahaha these people really need to learn how to prank people cruelly!!!!

And Alhamdulillah, everything went well (Atiqah dah boleh agak btw which means my planned gagal and Siti was 100% termasuk perangkap) and the best thing, Dees and i were doing the same planned to both of them (Dees copied me of coz -.- and she credit herself for doing so well yeah right dees, yeah right) Anyway, we weere having so much fun on that day and i could see both of them were sooo happy alhamdulillah! it feels good to see and make someone happy kan especially our friends! We prepare balloons and candles all the way to futsal court dah macam raya dah bak kata Atiqah and we closed their eyes and brought them for nightwalk kejapp chiaaa chiaaa (becoz tempat tak siap prepare lagi) kesian  Atiqah as she need to walk more as we were waiting for Siti yang a bit late hehehe but it was cool!

 heres the birthdayyyyy girlsss Atiqah and Siti!!!! look how happy they wereeee ♥♥

Here comes the squaaaadddd!!! well done guysssss. oh some of them got another matter, so they cant join us. next time all geng tak sembang mesti adaaaaaa!
here comes the triooooo, Kelly-Siti-Dees!!!

here comes the picture i treasure a lot. Alhamdulillah for everything, Alhamdulillah for them ♥♥ It was so blessed to have friends that become more like family, in my case, more like SISTERSSS. We enter this new chapter together and in sha Allah, we will end it together soon. For the past 2 years (for knowing Ain and Atiqah) and for the past 3 years of knowing Aisyah, it feels so blessed and yes Allah tu Maha Adil, when He takes someone that means a lot to me last 2 years, He gives me back these three as replacement. Masha Allah, how beautiful His planned is kan.May Allah SWT blessed our friendship and gather us back side by side in Jannatul Firdaus in the next life.

#whoneedsboyfriendwhenihavethem #myfellasarebetterthanyours #itsnoteverydayyoucanseeibesoclingylikethat


p/s : missing my 4rio in sharodz too. Hoping you guys are doing well wherever you guys are. you guys still my favourite 4rio and will always be in sha Allah, hope to see you guys very soon and yes, please stay by my side for the rest of the life.

Lots of Love,