April 17, 2016

2016/12 - Vietnam Part1

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah!!
mid semester break is over, and currently in UPM right now. My flight back to Malaysia landed safely alhamdulillah on Saturday night and on Sunday ayah hantar balik UPM.so.not.kewwwl.kan (told ya, mid sem break should be extend, who should i report this huh?) oh btw, my trip to vietnam for 4 days 3 nights went well (not so well ofcoz, and i immediately decide taknak dtg sana dah lagi) at least dalam masa 10 tahun ni.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

so, it was my first time jejakkan kaki di Vietnam. some of my friends asked whyy vietnammm whyyyyy. well frankly speaking, its for my uncle's wedding preparation so, we decided to buy things from there as you know, its cheaper there (kain, jubah, bajukurung etc etc) then jalan la sekali kat sana. Seriously, jauh sangat from what i bayangkan. It was super hot there, lagi panas dari Malaysia rasanya and if you know me, you probably know that my skin tak boleh too expose too UV. Akan cepat sunburn and lama gilaaaa nak baik phewwww. and yeah, exposing your skin frequently too UV is not good, everyone should know that kan.

First day there, i dah rasa tak selesa and hati meronta ronta nak balik Malaysia T___T so drama this one. but yeah, takpela. dah sampaikan, nak balik memang tak la. My aunty pulak salah booked hotel and seriously it was so not kewwll as hotel tu jauh gila dari main road and we need to walk at least 20-30 minutes every single day before jumpa the main road where banyak kedai jual jual and kedai makanan halal were located. (supposely we stay near here btw, other Malaysian and foreigners are staying here btw again hellooooooo) but after all, we still went for shopping. ( i rasa my weight dah turun sangat ni lulz)

Day 2, we went to Mekong river and it takes us 2 hours to go there. Our touring agency yg settle kan every single things and we just follow the flow. We went to 4 islands (cant remember their name as i was tooooo busy enjoying the river's view muehehehe acah acah gerua kitt). We went to their fruits farm, coconut village and banyak lagi. Before rowing boat, we stopped for lunch i tak makan ofcoz. We sat in the restaurant, and open the menu, and guessed what...................
Ok, seriously, when i read CROCODILE, my tekak dah start kembang and then i saw SNAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ohemjayyyyyy kedai apa i masuk ni!!!! terus me and my umi keluar and we end up beli mineral water sambil tunggu yg lain makan. Others Malaysian that follow us already pack up their food from home. The brought maggi, cakes, even ketupatt and rendang. awww i was so hungry and hoping they will pelawa us la kan ofcoz and i end up tertidur dekat meja wakakak ok that.was.seriously.funny. bangun bangun tengok food ada atas meja ya Allah heaven gila rasaaaaaaaa thankyouuuuuuuuuuu awak semua tu yg share makanan tuuuuuuuuu may Allah bless you guys and reward your kindness :')

to be continue.

panjang sangat ni. hewww so if you guys nak see the photos that i've taken, can go to my instageweemmmmmmm. i malas nak upload sini as all the photos are in phone. but yeah, gambar building je lah, gambar muka, i dah delete hehehehe

lots of love,

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