April 12, 2016

2016/11 - Vacayyy on

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health & imaan in sha Allah :)
so in sha Allah, tomoloww i'm going to Vietnam with umi for our short trip there. may Allah ease everything & our journey. We're going for 4Days 3Nights and lepas balik, terus sambung half of my semester. hiks. so. not. kewwlll. (guess they should extend midsem break holiday for a month maybe? or a year.k.) but anyway, i am excited! ofcozzlaaaa it's my first time went to vietnam after 21 years living as Syaimaa heww and still not pack anything (packing is so not my thing daa) but yeahh, doakan yang baik baik ya lebiuuu

Yesterday, i went to elyza's house (i called her dees btw). Dees is one of my childhood friend (just like nani,ummi and ekyn, should blog about them soon) but we're apart since standard 4 up till masuk foundation. Only then we met again. But on that time, we're not in the same kuliah and it was super annoying to meet dees as she was super duper berlagak gila rasa macam minta penampar sangat (if you're reading this dees, mohon jangan terasa, it was sincerely from my heart. MASA TU LA not nowwwww hehehe) plus faizatul (my chilhood friend jugak) pun mention benda yang sama and i was like ok lantak dia la let we just live our life happily fai! hahaha and nak dijadikan cerita, gedebak gedebuk we're stuck together in same course (biomedic) here in UPM.blerghhhhhhhhhhhh. hahahaha. but i never mention pasal primary school, or childhood memories ke apa as i tak kisah dah (remember, i already labelled her annoying so yeah who cares anymore kan)

time flies, and we're getting pretty good luls but i still never mention anything about primary school until one day, she's the one yg start mention it and i was like "oh kau ingaaaattt keeeee, ingat kan kau tak kenal aku dah" luls.seriously syaimaa, budak budak sangat ayat kau HAHAHAmbar. and here we are, entering new chapter together in sha Allah sampai grad hoyeahhh. 14 years of friendship, 9 years separating and masha Allah, we're bound back to see each other in new chapter. oh the main point nak cerita is, last 01 February 2016, was her birthday. and i dah janji nak baked kan moist chocolate cake for her but yeaahh imma so busy yet its already APRIL ohemjeeeeee time sure flies so fassssttzzzzzz so, i went to her house semalam sebab nak lunaskan janji. Never i know, she was admitted to hospital for 4 days and baru discharged -__- yeah right dees. kira macam aku-datang-ni-nak-bagi-kek-but-sekali-dengan-melawat-kau-la-eh kind of thing lewwwls

but alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, she looks healthy and cool like always hehehe!
good people like this one dont come by very often and for this childhood friend of mine, may Allah swt protect you and ease your way in anything you do.in sha Allah. lets annoyed each other for another 2 years in sha Allah heheheheheh

Lots of Love,

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