March 9, 2016

2016/8 - Soulmate

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health and iman in sha Allah!so today, got pshycology class and the lecturer told us about how she met her husband, whom once one of UPM student too back then. Then she told us to start search/look for our future soulmate start from now as we can get married once we finish our degree.blergghhhhhh i dont even have any interest at anyone rightnowwwwwwww blerghhh again.

To be honest, i believe in love after nikah. "eleh kemon la love after nikah padiaaa ni zaman bilaaa ni" but i dont know, itu prinsip yg i still pegang up till nowwww. Ayah pun tak galakkan i gedik gedik nak cari soulmate ke apa ke, as ayah once told us adik beradik "belajar je dulu, pasal kahwin tu semua biar ayah uruskan" (seriously, i dont know if ayah just joking around ke apa but he sounds serious thooo)

As what i know, falling in love is not forbidden in islam but how we express the love is matter. Dating and couple is not a right thing to do if you're muslim of coz you know what i mean and that's why men and women are told to lower their gaze and they are told not to wear exposing clothes too. But what we can see nowadays, couples and datings are just a normal things malah if you're single, you're weird -___- (i'm enjoying my single life and i dont even care what people say)

Being a university student, majority of my friends already "taken" and ada yang dah kahwin pun but i dont mind listening to their you knowwww pengalaman and all. It doesn't give any affect to me pun.k, tipu. Sometimes, yes i do feel like a loser for not having a so-call-boyfriendzzz but nawhhh chill la baru twenty-one kott *fliphair and yes of coz i do crushing on some people here and there (biasalah kan catalyst katanya) but as time past, all that feeling just gone and nothing left as i realize, why should i crushing on someone's future soulmate kan?

To choose a partner, i mean A REAL PARTNER, my soulmate, is one of the most important decisions i will need to make in  mylife. Ofcoz it should not be taken lightly kan as i will spend the rest of my life with him nanti and ofcoz not the one that can only pay the bills, good-looking, make a lot of money etc etc. I need a man who can lead me and influence me to do good things for the sake of Allah and not only cheer me on as i try to change my life for the better, but will be there to do it and struggle together with me for Allah's blessings In sha Allah. There's nothing to worry as everything had been written by Him kan, and tugas kita to put trust on Him je!!!

To you, whom i haven't met yet, (chiaaa chiaaa chiaaa),

if you come across this post one day, (of coz i will never delete this post tu pun if this blog still wujud la) you and i got no time to play around right now. i'm turning twenty one soon and i dont know who are you, where on earth are you, how old are you but i believe He already set us together. I know i'm not going to get married until i really reallyyy reallyyy yakin yang i dah prepare everything mental,fizikal, rohani and all (got possibility i will never get married thoo) as i want us to build keluarga yang sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah in sha Allah and not only kahwin yang atas dasar kahwin. I want you to be a good leader for me and our family ofcoz. If ada jodoh, we will meet soon! and that time, i hope you are the one who will truly takes our akad nikah seriously.Be a husband that religiously educated, love me, protect me and strive for Jannah with me. Until then, i promise, i will take care of my heart and myself and i hope you will do the same too♥

I will seriously stop crushing on just anyone and focus more to be a better version of myself. It had been a looooooong time since my last so-call-relationship, and it will be my first and last. I dont care what people say, but there will be no more relationship selain yang halal after this in sha Allah.

That's my final decision.

Lots of love,


  1. Faham sangat macam mana perasaan awak. For me, I am more comfortable being single right now even though most of my friends are taken.

  2. Farah,
    Kan! nvmind, if Allah wills, it will happen in sha Allah♥ Jangan lupa jemput kalau jadi hehehehe

  3. wanna to share, semalam saya argue dengan roomate saya pasal cinta selepas nikah. saya jarang wasap dan tak pernah sembang face to face dengan lelaki yang saya kenal. Tapi family lelaki tu dah datang jumpa family saya dan nak langsungkan pertunangan secepat yg mungkin. tapi saya dah janji dengan mak utk dapatkan degree dulu baru bertunang. you know what my roomate said that boleh ke masing-masing terima kekurangan dan kelebihan selepas nikah? Better tahu both things before nikah. Then she proud of her action by saying that 24 jam dia keluar dengan pakwe dia diorang suka bergurau senda. Then i said if everything was known before nikah takut-takut lepas nikah dah jemu. Yela benda-benda manis dah amik before nikah. Then dia reply kalau dah sayang tak kan la nak jemu? Saya langsung tak boleh terima kenyataan dia plus dia pakai tudung labuh. Seolah-olah dia menghalalkan perkara yang haram menjadi halal =(

  4. Hai munirah♥
    Alhamdulillah, may Allah increase the number of girls like you who are keen to maintain your relationship with Allah more and put limit in your relationship with the guy. As a muslim, everyone should know that over communication between male and female is one of the doors that can lead to fitnah kan.Hence you did so well sister!! Thats why people said nowadays, PAKAIAN TIDAK MELAMBANGKAN BERTAPA TINGGI AGAMA SESEORANG ITU (but still, as a muslim girl we need to cover our aurat kan) at least, bab aurat, your roomate got some points there. Still sebagai kawan, if she cant cope with your opinion, what you can do as her roomate, doakan yg terbaik. Moga jodoh mereka berdua dipercepatkan dan dipermudahkan.And for you, may Allah ease everything for you.Whatever your parents decide, believe on them and on the same time, do istikharah, and know that, Allah knows the best :)


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