March 28, 2016

2016/10 - Dream Land

Assalamualaikum & hai!

hoping everyone in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah.
as usual, currently in library just after BMT test, psychology class cancel, and yes, have two more papers for this week (epidemiology&psychology). Life is tough. seriously. super tough. i read one novel once dulu few years back dulu ok dulu, and i watched malay dramas too these days (back during semester break, now imma too busy) k tipu, tak busy sangat pun tapi yeah busy la jugak. and yeah, real life ofcoz TOTALLY 360 degree different than what i have imagined after read that novel and watch all the dramas blerghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

its funny kot. how can i believe, someone yang biasa biasa then boleh easily get married dengan anak raja or the young CEOs and pufff their life become easy just after they sign contract sbb that young CEOs kena paksa kahwin dengan parents dia and all that stuff and sepanjang proses contract, they fall in love, gaduh gaduh manja, and finally contract batal and they live happily ever after. how sweeeeeeeettt
yeah right -_-
i once in that phase aww-suwit-nya-nak-life-macam-ni-jugak and moga-nanti-life-aku-magical-macam-ni phase. how funny. If what happen in that novels and dramas are happen in real life, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i will be the first one yang akan sign  contract kahwin. Gila, siapa taknak kahwin dengan anak CEO kot.Everything is about money now. Love tu semua boleh letak belakang dulu.HAHAHA you guys yang baca my statement mesti be like, "ish teruknya dia ni" dont worry, im just joking! hmm maybe half joking :P


life is not easy. we are struggling for a better future. we are struggling with friendship issues, family issues, money issues, study issues and most important part, IDENTITY issue. Maybe some people got lucky enough to live a life without money issues and some people have a good family members, but still got so many issues they might end up struggling with.Anyhow, learn to say Alhamdulillah and be grateful for whatever we have now. Dont be sooo demand on having everything and dreaming on having a perfect life. In fact, right now, struggle betul betul and try to build a perfect life in sha Allah ^_<

i have my own dream. i have created my own dream land. i already created myself in another 10 years (i'm going to turn 31 on that time) but somehow i know, its just a dream that i may or may not achieve but at least, i have created something for me to aim it start from now kan. dapat ke tak, tu belakang ciritaaa maa yang penting keep dreaming and put efforts in it plus du'a and trust on Him. hehehe

Life is hard. no one ever said life is easy. but its not possible to make it easy after those hardships kan!

Lots of Love,

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