February 26, 2016

2016/6 - SKYTREX!!!!

Assalamualaikum & Hai!!!!!!!!

So how was your days for newww semester ni! i'm super excited for this new semester as one of my favourite subject that i've been waiting to learn (Basic pshycology) finally hereee! But sadly, lecturer tak datang for class this week :( Ohh btw, my first week was amazingly awesome and still under control guys dont worry. My stress level pun still under control (well i still can sit sambil tulis entri and minum kopi ok i dont like kopi but why people always use "kopi" instead of teh hmm still very confuse but whatever).

I scroll gallery and saw our last trip to se-kai-te-rex at Shah Alam few months back!! Well frankly speaking, it was not like what i had been imaging but yeah still okay la kalau nak pergi but not so recommended la you guys can find other places yang lagi best of cozzz.

But anyway, we went there for a trip with Kelab Penyayang kot eh ke Kelab Rekreasi i cant remember (i was super excited to go there and tak pikir apa dah) and  believe or not i dont even tell my parents and i really regreted it (please please please tell your parents first and ask for their opinion wherever and whatever you want to do). As for my case, i know, my parents will not allowed me to join (yela bahaya kot panjat sana panjat sini with only 2 rope tied on your pinggang and all) but then, ni lah budak degil ni pergi jugak. AND.....something happens to my friend which make me realize if benda tu happen to me, and im not even tell my parents that i was there, apa lah nak jadi kan! lebih worst if i suddenly died there uishhhhh *so drama

Got more photos but yeaahh malas nak upload zzzZZZ but if you ask me to rate this place, i will probably give 5.5/10! ok la 6/10 la. So, next..................DISTRICT 21!!!!!!!


  1. x best ke tempat ni? sbb bru ingt nak pergi

  2. Najwa,
    not as expected but ok la.tp byk places lagi better kot.but somehow, ok je kalau nak try! :)

  3. District 21 best! Aku baru plan nak pergi Skytrex haha.

  4. Nani,
    aku tak sempat pergi lagi district :( hahaha pergilaaaaaa takdela best sangat tp okaylaaaaaaa


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