January 25, 2016


Assalamualaikum & hai!

Bucket List | 10 things to do in my 20's

Someone asked me to specify 10 things that i am going to do in my twenties. She was so excited and i looked at her with apehal-nak-excited-sangat-chill-la face to show how not interest i am to that question lol. She had been asking me the same question every week guysssss!!!!! and of course with an unbelievable skill that i have, i totally avoided her question. i mean, seriously, who need 10 things to do when i can do whatever and as many as possible things i want (of course more than twenty). and to avoid her from asking the same question for 100th time, i ckp la benda common, nak pergi melancong dgn family, nak dapat dean list, nak kaya, nak kereta etc etc But then, she said something that makes me change my perception 360 degree!

"kalau you tau umur you tak panjang, mesti you cepat-cepat buat bucket list kan! i berani bet, not only the common bucket list but ISLAMIC BUCKET LIST"

i sat in silence and smack myself inside.itu deep.

Day by day, i am so sure the sins i have made is beyond imaginable kan and here it is, Allah send to me friends to remind me just how HE never skimps on His love and mercy. Having her in my life reminds me that regardless of what i have done, turning back to Him is the best thing to do :D

So here, i share with you guys my NEW BUCKET LIST!

1. Start and end everyday with Alhamdulillah
2. Aim for the deen
3. Be punctual in performing the five daily Salats
4. Recite some portion of the Qur'an daily
5. Recite the following three Tasbeehs and istighfar
6. Always display good character
7. Lower gaze

still too lazy to think lulz end up i only got seven things in my so-called-bucket-list! Do you guys like to do bucket list? Some people love to do bucket list to challenge themselves and they will be satisfy to see their bucket list achievement but not me for sureeeeee hewwwwwwwwww! maybe next time, or another time or maybe............NEVER.hehe!

Lots of Love,

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  1. I guess I should start having Islamic Bucket List after this. All this while, my bucket list is composed with worldly stuff.


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