January 17, 2016


Assalamualaikum & hai!

So as usual, ayah and umi having meeting in Kuala Lumpur for 2 days and here i am staying at home with le brothers and sister. And yes! i cooked Tomyam todayyy hewwwwww (so cool syema so cooolll), send my baby brother to tahfiz & tuition for 2 days (why your weekend so packed -,-) and settle down everything *blownail imma proud sisterzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ.

I scroll down my gallery and saw these few heart-broken pictures of mine (cewahhh drama sangat tau!) i used to be part of Melaka Taekwando member and Putra Taekwando member few years back and now i stopped everything for my own sake.You know, i have been joining taekwando since i was 9, and it had been part of my life since that. It was really hard, at first, to stop. But because of taekwando, i got injured countless time. actually, i dont mind get injured, as it part of being a fighter and result in satisfaction, but, im growing up now and you know, its not proper a grown-up-girl to do things like this anymore.Menendang sana, menendang sini, bertumbuk sana, bertumbuk sini plus mixing around boys and girls so not #wifeyymaterialyalllll hahaha ok joking!

*awhhhhhh i miss everyone! :(

here i share one of my latest tornament video! the red one is me!! :)

Well, everything happens for a reason kan. I've gain so many experiences, i've got to join so manyy tornaments (plus so many injuriesssssszzz), and i've already got my black belt! Nothing to lose. Deep down inside, i know that this change is for the better even if it doesn't seem like it nowww.There isn't always a why or how it happens. There is so much to learn, so many mistakes to reflect and manyy more opportunities to take! so lets move on hewww!!

i really hope my kids (if i have any in the future in sha Allah) will, you know, sambung my legasi kata kauuuu hahaha! So going to send them nanti! Just imagine, "Mum can i hangout with Aina?/Sure, but lets sparring first!" hahahaha that's evil! i won't do that to them of course *fliphair. Lets change to, "Mum can i hangout with Aina?/Sure, but first go memorize surah al Mulk (or any surah) first!" Well, thats better, what a good mummy i am kan :P 

Sorry if you think i'm rambling on aimlessly hehehehehe, thats how i am!

Its weekend, so, have an amazing day with your family and friends everyone♥ May it be filled with Allah's baraqah, lot of loves, smiles and finger licking food of course just like my tomyam hewwwwww!

Lots of love,


  1. Aqilah Azmi,
    hehehehe its all about past wakk!

  2. Aisya,
    In sha Allah, its for my own good kan♥

  3. it's ok dear.. buat benda lain pulak :)

  4. subhanallah berbakat nya awak.
    semoga kelebihan yang Allah berikan, dimanfaatkan utk diri , family dan agama, dear ;)


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