January 12, 2016


Assalamulaikum & hai!

Its tuesday and i'm not doing anything. My semester break is just begin and i already feel useless doing nothing luls. So, i watch malay drama these days (im soo not into malay drama sebab cheesy sangat) but then, to avoid myself from watching any KDrama, well lets just give a try to this malay drama kan even i know, watching malay drama pun can consider as sins as it shows, you know, things-muslim-not-suppose-to-do.

I realised, there is no such thing as personal space when it comes to myself & shaitan. He's kind of like annoying friend i don't want, but stuck together.Always there to feed me with negative thoughts and mess around with my weakness,sheeeeeeeeeesh. 

Oh and i make semeter break wishlist heww heww. 1st thing, i will and for sure learn to cook!! You know, obviously, i am kind-of-not-so-twenty-one-years-old nowww (sheeshhh, so not cool i am now twenty one -____-) and i really really REALLY need to learn how to cook. So, todayyyyyy, i iz so happy bihcose (read,because) i iz cook sambal ikan! hahahah oh my english. I know, i know, you guys will be likeee "sambal ikan je kot, senang gila" but as i said before, this is my first time, for real, nak belajar masak, so i am super excited even when people said "sambal ikan je kot" but still proud of myself, Syaimaa.pegang,senduk,dan.kuali.untuk.masak.kot!! so #wifeymaterialyall

and the best part, when i got to meet my baby boy ayennn!! Rayyan Rizki is my favourite nepheww and he growing up too fast that he already know people around him ahhhhhhhh so not funny man when i met him again after few weeks busy for my finals, he was like, "who-is-this-weird-looking-makcik" ayeeennnn i was the one who put you too sleep, carry you like for real to the playground and make you laughed so hard for the first time and now you look me like what?! WEIRD LOOKING MAKCIK huh? so good baby boy! Anyway after half and hour pujuk this boy, finally....................

it's going to be hard for real next time i meet him! How was your days? Share with me okayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love,


  1. cuti sem ni praktis masak untuk amik hati mak mentua nanti eh hehe :)

  2. jaga budak tecik,pastu belajar masak..hmm hmm :P

  3. Farhana Zukri,
    nawwwhhhhh cemana tahu ni ;p hehehehehe no lah!

  4. Isma Ismail,
    and whats with the "hmm hmm" hahahaha :P long way to go~~~~~

  5. calon meenantu yang baik. ekekekeke

  6. Melissa Muklis,
    Aipppppp!!!! :P hehehe

  7. Hehe..cuti semester amik kursus masak and jaga baby ke syiema..ngeee^^ eh favourite food akak tu sambal ikan goreng.. sedapnyaa..

  8. This is random but I love the way you write! :D

  9. Kak Ros Nordin,
    tu lah, takde apa nak buat cuti ni hehehe.eh my favourite tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  10. Farah,
    thankyou for the good wordzzzzsssss awak hehehe ♥


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