January 9, 2016


Assalamualaikum & hai!

My first post on tu-towzen-six-tin guys!!!

It's been a tough week! after a long week of final exam, it feels super good to spend some time with the laptop and of course with MY BLOG!!! (oh well i haven't had quality time with my blog lately) and yes, its not too late i guessed to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR & AHLAN WASAHLAN 2016!!! may this year brings us more baraqah and happiness in sha Allah :) Sorry i haven't got time to visit your blogs lately! oh dont worry! i finished my exam and i'll start blogwalking backk okayyy!

So, back to the main topic today, i got reminder from one of my favourite people in this world. She said that self-improvement need a lot of effort to do so *sentap. I realized that i got too comfortable lately and wasn't striving hard to be better. Well, i'm going to admit that i still struggling with myself (especially with my nafs). Astaghfirullahalazim.

From my opinion, before we struggle for the one and only goal for next life which is JANNAH, we really really really need to look back on our niat. What is the purpose of our life right now and with whom do we want to spend our next life nanti? Well i guessed, this is why we believe heaven and hell wujud as part of the islamic faith kan.

i've got a longgggg wayyyyy to goooooooooooo~

i'm beyond tired at this point seeking for my real identity, but make du'a for me okay will you? no! we should make du'a to all of us so we can find our real identity and of course, to be a good servant for Him in sha Allah.Tajdid niat everyone!!

It was truly a blessing to have some of my friends around as they will always there to ketuk me if i do or say something not appropriate luls.I just hope, i can be someone better and they can lean on me too one day biiznillah.

And, i realize, try to mend my heart is harder than changing outside.Need to work harder!

Lots of love,


  1. Hope for the best for you in 2016 ! Goodluck , I'm sure there's an open door for you with an upcoming "good achievement" from you n You seems so educated too . At least you do a "ganbarou" (fighting/hwaiting) stuff . Ganbarou ? ( I don't know where's that coming haha ) Aim what is best for you .. I'm not good with motivation writing skills but I will tell you one things what I've seen everyday - Efforts definitely have good results but with du'a ! you definitely will secured a good future . Well then , Once again Goodluck ! ( OST emotional Anime background music pls ) Haha

  2. Happy New Year to you too Syiema. ^^

  3. Syamsid Dhuha,
    thankyouuuuu so much! All the best to you too and may all the good words back to you too in sha Allah!

  4. Ros Nordin,
    Happy new year awakk♥♥

  5. Lucky you to have that kind of friend yang main ketuk-ketuk. Wish I have that kind of friend here.

  6. Farah,
    hopefully you'll find one very soon in sha Allah :)♥


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