December 14, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hai!

4.10am and here i am purapura busy menaip entri. In case you're wondering what am i doing, basically i didn't do anything, wasting time since 1130pm up till now ish ish ishhh. Well at least, i tried hard finishing 3 chapter of haematology today!!!!!!!!! and alhamdulillah jyeah me! 5 more chaptersssss to go zzzZZZZZ.

so, i 've decided to start my life back and refresh everything. If you read my previous post, it shows how heart-broken, how sad i am because of some problems but i guessed now is the time to become stronger and sado-ing myself back fuhh.and guessed what, im going to restart blogging again!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more frequent i mean) just like 5 years ago T_T huuuuuu. lets blog everything and read it back another 5,10 years from now (macam seorang ni, he wrotes 400++ letter on his blog for his future wife.I dont know if his future wife will read all those 400++ letters, but naahh let him be)

well im not going to write 400++ letters-to-my-Mr-future-husband yet (well i dont know, i think this kind of things is cute actually hehe) but nahhh i just turns 20 so still enjoying my twenty's life weehuu walaupun my friend ramai je dah get married (obviously, age doesn't matter) but come on! lets enjoy our age before everything turns around if you know what i mean hehehehehe

Ok la. ini dulu for today. i just remaking my blog.see few changes plis la ;P

Lots of love,


  1. Just turn 20? wahh..muda setahun dr sy..hehe

  2. Diya Hanun,
    i wish i could be younger than this hehehehehe


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