December 23, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hai!

I've been too busy studying for my final exam next week and it was soooooo not funny on how i need to catch up with everything after seeing my so-not-cool-carrymarks -.- But anyway, here i am writing something in here coz i miss my blog so much, excuse me hiks! All the best for anyone out there who going to face final exam too!!!! We will, no i mean we HAVE TO survivee!!

So, Ashken Istar have been tagging me on 10 questions and this is my first time tho been tagging! (well, the truth is, this is not the first time i've been tagging by other blogger for the past 5 years but!!! first time i've been answering for the question given tho) *proud of myself  hahaha and i'm super excited when i saw this tagging things :B

What are you wearing?
  • Can i just say, blue & grey pyjama?
How old are you?
  • Well, proudly said i'm still young coz i just turns 20 last October! so yeah, enjoying my 'young' lifeeeeeeee 
Favourite quotes?
  • "What is truly mine, will eventually be mine, Biiznillah and what is not mine, no matter how hard i try, will never be mine" (this is my favourite quote, but still there are so many quotes i likee!)
Favourite songs?
  • Well, i love all HAMZA NAMIRA's songs andddd Harris J of course. All ok ALL!!!
Favourite piece of jewellary?
  • i choose ring, i cant live without my ringgggggg *dramaQueen
What instrument do you play?
  • well, im still learning on how to play piano. I do like piano and i dont know why. hiks and still, on my way to learn playing piano hewww
The book you're currently reading?
  • i like horror & mystery & crimescene genre, so i'm spending on this bookkk right now!!! ain't cool it is hehehehehehehe

Someone you miss?
  • I dont miss anyone, i hate myself for missing someone. Even if i do missing anyone, i would never ever say and admit it why? Because the fact that i'm missing someone shows how lemah and mengada i am.And sometime, when we miss someone, we are the one who did while the other person dont ever care kan? So, dont miss anyone! hehehe
The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
  • Yesterday, i texted my baby brother so yeahhh he is my brotherrrr!
Who should answer this question next?
  • Anyone can laaaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe
So thats it, i dont like creating something like this (hope you guys understand) as i am not that kind of person but i still love to answer others! Ok then, need to catchup with my final soon awhh NEVER i feel good when it comes to final luls! See you guys soon :D

Lots of love,


Here awak!