December 19, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hai!

Every weekend's morning, i'll start my day with reading online newspaper & blogwalking my favourite blog sambil breakfast ala ala dunia ini aku yang punya, but in reality dunia yg full with assignments and testsss coming soon -,- but whatever, i'm going to share with you guys my favourite blog!!!!

so, the first 1 is PROUDDUCK by Vivy Yusof!!!!!! anyone here read her blog? hehehehe i love her writing soo much, she inspired me a lot! and the usage of her language is super cool and i be like do-you-really-need-to-be-this-cool-vyyyy. she wrote about her life, how she start FV and duckscarve, her relationship with her family & friends awhhh i cant stop from admiring her life! what a cool inspirational lady she is!!!!!

Next, PELIKS by Mawiaaa Elenaaa guyssss fuhhh. i dont know since when i started to follow her blog but yet i know, this blog is one of my favourite. If you have follow her on inswagewemm or facebook or blog, you must know what person Maria Elena is! such a super-cool-young-successful-mommy!

And, another 1 is,  BARELY SUPERMOMMY by Dr Halina!!! our first Malaysian astronaut's wifeee.Such an inspirational lady she is! i love reading her blog especially when come to Bella & Tasha's part.hehehehe Dr Halina is one of my idol, if possible, i want to be just like her :)

So, thats it! i have few more blogs which i will never miss to singgah & read their entri.i also read some islamic blog too such as;
  • Angel Pakai Gucci
  • Tarbiah Sentap
  • Budak Tomato
and i still cant find any islamic blog writen in english :( anyone here know any islamic blog written in english can share it with me i will really appreciate it :D ohh! and you can share your favourite blog to and leave their links on the comment box beellowwww!!!! dont forget to mention the owner, let them know how lucky they are for having reader that love their writing! i will visit your favourite blog soon!!!

Lots of love,


  1. wuuuuu qila pun suka gilaaa blog diorang

  2. Samalah. Saya pun suka dengan blog-blog diaorang :)

  3. Most of them are super positive blogger! Superb! ^^

  4. Zizie,

  5. Aqilah, Farah & Ana,
    may we be just as positive as they are! hehehehe


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