December 17, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hai!

What song do you like? hehehe suddenly pop up with this kind of question! I love music. In fact i'm SOOOO IN LOVE WITH THEM, no doubt! hahaha i can listen to music at anytime and at anywhere from morning till night, on my way to class, while studying and even sometime in the toilet #Eh (heyy come on, masa basuh baju okayy!) heheh well you know, its kinda boring when only you and all your baju-to-be-wash sahaja so lets cheer up with some music nananana nananana!!

When i was in form 3,
on that time i was super crazy with lagu jiwang! (i really cant believe how cheezy i was on that time duhh) Tergamak Kau by Ukays, Masih Terselah Ayu mu by Exist and others band like Wings, Damasutra, Dinamik etc etc i bet some of you still listening to this kind of songs kan haaaaaa jangan tipu! :D

When i was in form 4,
i changed my genre to nasyid (i was akak naqibah at Sains Muar on that time) i downloaded nasyid songs and share it with my friends (macam dealer dah).

After my SPM,
ayah sent me to Stamford College, which i did my Intensive English class there. And i started listening to english songs.Well the good one la! with good lyrics of course *flip tudung. And on the same time, i listened to Arabic songs! Do you guys have ever tried to listen to arabic songs? (exclude Kun Anta! i know everyone here knows lagu kun anta kan!) Maher Zain, Humood, Hamza Namira and Harris J are my favourite arabic singers.i love HAMZA NAMIRA songs the most! try listen to his songs :) Go youtube nowwwwwwww i mean NOWWWWWW!!!! hahahaha (ohh and i also listen to korean's song, i dont like band's songs, i prefer OST *wink)

I Promise by Harris J is actually a song for our parents & Esmaani (listen to me) by Hamza Namira is actually about our generation yang ditindas.

So, why suddenly with this songs & genre stuff niiii?? 

hahahahahaha, when i started listening to english,arabic & korean songs, i'm not just listen membuta tuli. i googled for their meaning & i applied them in my real life. Some of the lyrics, i used as caption in my instewagewaaaammmmmmm and my status in twitter/facebook. You know, with these kind of things, even nampak macam 'alaaa-apebenda-entah-kau-buat-ni' but these helps me a lot to improve my english usage in my daily life.In fact, when you are confident enough, you can just twist some of the lyrics and puffff it become yours now! (no plagiarism okayyy anak anak)

I'm not an artistic person, but trust me, to try new things and sharing them like nobody's business is tooo cute hahahahahaha i kennot! so i want to be cute thooo and that's the thing about me, i dont care about any other things :P and whatever songs you listen to, make sure its not membuai our feelings & melalaikan us! go listen to something that gives benefits& pahala to us ;) 

So, what songs do you guys like to listen & why? come on share it with me! super excited to read yours!!! comment on box below okayyy! i'll hit you guys soon :)

Lots of love,


  1. i love worth it by harris j ft. saif adam. and i love most of saif adam's songs! (they're both actually from the awakening records but harris j seems more famous since he's young and "ada rupa" hahaha xD) and maybe... you should listen to the song on my blog ahahah cause i love it ;)

  2. I like harris j's songs too and guess I'll try to listen to Hamza Namira's songs afterwards! Nice entry btw :)

  3. syasandeul,
    never i listen to Saif Adam's songs, but i'll try dengar nanti! thankyou for suggesting :) btw i love your blog's song.what's the titleee? hehehe

  4. Fieyqa Adelova,
    you should! all his songs are superb!! ok not all, but still worth songs listen toooo❤


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