December 16, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hai!

It feels good to be surrounded by good people!! You know that ya Allah-i-am-so-blessed-that-You-gave-me-them feeling when you see this people and you can't stop from smiling everytime you are hanging or having conversation with them. You know, i am now at i-really-want-to-be-a-better-muslim phase which i guessed everyone will have the same feeling at least once in their life. These people i surround myself with plays huge role of courseeeeee.

Alhamdulillah, it feels good when you have friends that constantly seeking for islamic knowledge together, constantly reminding you about the 'yes you can do that and NOOO YOUU CANTTT DO THATTT' things hahaha, friends that will always ajak-ing you, "eh jom puasa sunat esok!" "eh dah dhuha belum" "eh this week ada ceramah dekat sini" "eh twins of faith coming sooonnnn" (but the ticket is sooooooo expensive that i need to postpone my plan to go there, well, sorry not sorry i have spent my JPA more than enough) padan muka sendiri la deyy!!! and you can share about Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk, Yasmin Mogahed, Ustaz Zakir Naik etc etc.

Here, i share with you guys one of my friend who always stay by my side up till now ignoring all my rudeness, annoyingness, mengada-ness, tetiba nak emo-ness,hahaha. It was always her that made the effort for us when we have some misunderstanding occur between us. Its funny how we are so different yet still can be friend. She is soooo perempuan melayu sangat, her voice was sooo lembut that i thought we were listening to kindergarten story telling competition instead of presentation hahahaahaha. She was soooo kecik that no one can ever believe that she is actually TWENTY YEARS old and sooo sopan santun, lembah lembut wife material gituuu (calon menantu,anyone?). Compare to me, i am kasar. Rock rock sikit (dulu ok dulu) hehehehehe now, i pun dah wife materials 95%? ok tak 50%......ok la 39% -.-

Family also play and important role of course and alhamdulillah, i am blessed for having parents and siblings who adhere to religion and keep supporting meeeee!!! thankyou i love you guys hehehe. My baby brothers, A and E (A currently studying law in UIA and E just finishing his SPM) will always be know, PERUNDING FESYEN. They will make sure, before we go out, i am covering my aurah perfectlyyyy!!!!

So, you guys have experienced this ''i-really-want-to-be-a-better-muslim phase'' before? if you do, hope you dont mind to share with me in comment box belowwwww!!! i am super excited and really hope to hear from you guys soon!!!!!! 

Lots of love,


  1. Seronoknya dpt sahabat yg mengingatkan dn mndekatkan kita dgn agama ^_^

  2. aaaaaa ive been thru this phase!!! hahaha sbb alhamdulillah masuk uia ahaha so my roommates are from sekolah agama and honestly i suck in everything and they taught me very very well i love them so damn much wiwiwi.
    solat jemaah, perfect aurah cover, dhuha, more quran recitation etc.
    although it's quite hard for me bcs im so damn lazy but it;s worth it.
    patience is virtue anddddddddd they helped me thru :((( <3

    im lovin it!

  3. Diya Hanun,
    Alhamdulillah, having good examples around really motivate me to be better muslim :)

  4. Aqilah Azmi,
    best feeling everrrr kan! hehehe you're constantly reminded by them that you can be even better muslim! in sha Allah, keep istiqamah okay :)

  5. Bestnyaaa ada kawan macam tuu ^^, rasa bertuah gilaaa . Bertuahnya awak

  6. Meura Metsu,
    hahaha thankyou ❤


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