December 14, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hai!

Congratulations for those who taking result pT3 todayyyy!!!! whatever the result is, how many A's you get, it doesnt matter right now as its already past! PAST IS PAST!!! but still take any possible lessons you can get from your past.remember your mistakes and dont repeat! Frankly speaking, i still believe pT3 result is not really affect your future compared to SPM (well, it gives you chance for better future la of coz if you get good results than you can apply for good schools out there kan?)

But then, still no matter what school you are in, your future still depending on your effort! no matter how good your so-called-future-school nanti, if you dont show any effort at all, still no use (well i speak based on my experience hihi)

My Education History

From the start of my long-education-journey, my aims were these 2 things :
  • i want to be a good muslim doctor for ummah
  • i want to be success in life if possible before i turn 35years old (another 15 years to go pheww)

Ayah sent me to one of Tadika Jaim and in here they taught me everything from ABC,123, all the daily du'as, how to perform solat and all other stuff..i can read books both in malay/english since i was 3 years old and i joined few reading competitions when i was 4/5 years old. so my parents have high expectancy on me (oh and im the eldest in family).

Primary School

Ayah sent me to SK Batu Berendam in Melaka from standard 1-6 and i became prefect on that time and got 5As for my UPSR and 7A1B for my UPKK.

High School

Ayah sent me to one of Islamic School in Melaka. At first i can't cope with the islamic environment and after few months I SURVIVE!!!!!!! i became popular with discipline teachers and school's prefect on that time because of my 'nakal-ness' hahahaha and got 9As for my PMR (on that time) and applied for boarding school in Muar (konon taknak ambik Arab for my SPM and now i regreted for not taking Arabic)

Off i went to Sains Muar, listed on top 10 boarding schools in Malaysia on that time. Had a blast there and struggling for my SPM on that time. Even with my 9As PMR result i cant get straight As for my SPM and got 6As which was not a good starting to become a doctor *sigh


You know, my dream is to persuade my study oversea.On that time, i dont even care what course i might end up as long i can study oversea. I got offer from Taylor to do preparation here for 2 years before sambung in any university at UK (but not in medical course) so Ayah tak bagi. Then ayah decided to send me studying medicine in Egypt. After all the preparation, and because of the war happen in Egypt that time, i tak jadi sambung sana and last choice, Ayah sent me to foundation at UPM for a year. Alhamdulillah, got my CGPA (rahsia for sure haha) and applying for my medical degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Degree Life

He planned better. I cant do my medical degree and i got Biomedical course instead. It was so heart-breaking after all those hardwork and struggling. But i know, He planned everything. I put my trust on Him and now here i am in UPM as 2nd year Biomedical full time student, another 2 years to go. The good news is, with my Biomedical degree i still can be a doctor in sha Allah but it takes longer time. Naa, its ok as long i can achieve my dream kan ;)

So, with my previous achievement in UPSR and PMR, i still cant get straight As for my SPM. Why? because i didnt put much effort on that time and i still think with my previous success, i still can get good result without studying hard.Adik adik out there yg still in schools and not yet taking SPM, you still have time, come on make your parents proud once!!! Bersusah dulu, bersenang kemudian kan :)

i cant do anything dah, my journey have been written and here i am finishing my degree before entering another phase of life.but you guys still can planned for your future!! Go on for it. solat jangan tinggal, doa jangan putus in sha Allah, He will always by your side.

Ingat! kalau rasa nak jatuh and give up, cakap pada diri,


ok then,
All the best everyone for future :)

Lots of love,


  1. Hai akak! :D

    Wahh bestnya jalan cerita hidup akak. Hope akak dapat capai impian akak! :D Wish you luck ;)

  2. Hai Karimah!
    hehehe thankyouuu and i wish you all the best tooo three four fiveeee hehehe❤❤

  3. wahhh..good luck2..smga tercapai apa yg dihajati tu

  4. Diya Hanun,
    amin in sha Allah, you too ❤

  5. slm.hey kita ada target yg sama - success life before 35.
    insyaallah.pray for you also dik ..:)
    btw - glad to know you sweety.

  6. Kak Ros Nordin,
    thankyou!! may all the good words back to you too in sha Allah❤❤

  7. Bravo bravo , this should be an inspiration's to our adik adik . Haha even I'm also "adik ( but not tooo adik sangat )" this kind of journey you've been through , I should give you A , I mean "A" compliment that must be heard to many of graduate from high schoold diploma , degree netheir of Master nor PHD holder after they're finish with their studies , which is "You've done well , you brain must be exhausted from those war , I would like GOOD JOB and GOOD LUCK for your next phase of your new life" GANBATTE !!! :)

    - Syamsid Blog -

  8. Syamsid Dhuha,
    hahaha thankyou that's very nice of you to say that! may all the good words back to you too in sha Allah. Keep writing, looking forward for your new journey!

  9. syasandeul,
    aawwhhh dont cry!!!!!💕❤

  10. inspiring la entry ni :-)

    teringat kat classmate masa sekolah dulu. SPM dia tak straight As pun tapi sekarang dia tengah sambung medic kat UPM. semua Allah dah atur cantik sebenarnya.


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